What monitor does Chris Lord Alge?

What monitor does Chris Lord Alge?

Avantone CLA-10 Passive Studio Monitor System Designed in conjunction with the expertise of mixer Chris Lord Alge, the CLA10 studio monitors are the faithful modern reproduction of the most iconic studio monitor of the last 30 years. Mix with the studio monitors that truly define “the sound of hits”.

Where is Chris Lord Alge studio?

Los Angeles, CA — Chris Lord-Alge’s name is synonymous with the unique radio-ready sound that has earned him five GRAMMY Awards over a storied career and established him as one of the most in-demand mix engineers in the music business. Since 2008, he has owned and operated the world-class Mix L.A. studio in California.

What mixer does Chris Lord Alge use?

Chris Lord-Alge is an American mixing engineer based in LA where he owns the studio Mix LA. His extensive use of compression earned him the name of the “Lord of Compression”.

Who has Chris Lord Alge produced for?

Chris Lord-Alge’s talent is exemplified by his AllMusic credit list containing an astonishing 1100 entries, with huge names such as Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Avril Lavigne, Cher, Muse, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, Aerosmith, Madonna, Green Day, Meat Loaf, U2, Snow Patrol, Sheryl Crow, Savage Garden, Bon Jovi.

What plugins does Chris Lord-Alge use?

Chris Lord-Alge Plugs In So I looked at a whole bunch of settings I had used over the years and copied them right off the console. “Today, believe it or not, the plug-in I use the most is the Waves SSL bundle. I use it in conjunction with the console.

What SSL does CLA use?

SSL E-Channel
CLA EQs and filters the vocal busses using a Waves SSL E-Channel plug-in. He then plays verse one with the lead vocals going through the vocal bus he just created and starts tweaking the effects. He begins by opening the SSL E Channel and boosting 9dB at 8 kHz, which is a pretty significant amount.

What is CLA in audio?

In early 2010, Waves Audio released the “CLA Artist Signature Collection”, a collection of six application-specific audio plug-ins for vocals, drums, bass, guitar and the last two of them called “unplugged” (designed for acoustic elements) and “effects” (a collection of six different effects).

What reverbs does CLA use?

The PLATE is based on Chris’s go-to lead vocal reverb, with control over pre-delay, reverb time and low/high-frequency damping (RT). The CLA Epic TAPE module provides a rich, fat delay effect.

Is Tom Lord Alge related to Chris Lord Alge?

Chris Lord-Alge is an American mix engineer. He is the brother of both Tom Lord-Alge and Jeff Lord-Alge, both of whom are also audio engineers.

Is the CLA bundle worth it?

The CLA bundle is a ton of fun to play around with! They’re easy and straightforward plug-ins that adds some extra punch and sweetness to your sound. For instance, in this folk pop mix I just put on the CLA Unplugged plug-in on the acoustic guitar bus, slapped on a preset, tweaked some settings and voilá!

What reverb does CLA use?

Bricasti M7
In the video, CLA uses a Bricasti M7 as one of his drum reverb units. He likes to add reverb to drums using aux busses, rather than inserting reverbs on individual tracks.

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