What happened to Toshio in the grudge?

What happened to Toshio in the grudge?

After discovering her inner feelings towards Peter, her husband Takeo became obsessed with the idea that he was not his son, killing her in a rage. He subsequently killed Toshio as well as his cat Mar by drowning them in the bathtub before hanging himself in Toshio’s bedroom.

Is Toshio Saeki dead?

Deceased (1945–2019)
Toshio Saeki/Living or Deceased

Why does Toshio sound like a cat?

A black cat, Mar is murdered under the insane anger of Toshio’s father, Takeo, after he discovers his wife’s secret feelings towards another man. In both versions, Toshio’s strong emotional connection to his pet causes his ghost to emit an eerie meowing sound.

Is Ju-On the grudge based on a true story?

Netflix’s latest horror series, Ju-On: Origins has just been released, but it turns out that the series is actually inspired by a true, terrifying story. Ju-On, better known as The Grudge in the west, is easily one of the most infamous horror franchises in cinema history.

What does the name Toshio mean?

Toshio can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 敏夫, “agile, man” 敏雄, “agile, hero” 俊夫, “sagacious, man”

Where is Toshio?

Toshio is the crafting instructor in MooShu. He also sells crafting recipes.

Is Toko Shinoda still alive?

Deceased (1913–2021)
Toko Shinoda/Living or Deceased

Why is the grudge evil?

After her death, she and her son became vengeful spirits as their violent deaths triggered a horrifying curse that revived them as Onryo. She killed her husband in revenge, causing him to become an evil spirit as well. This led to them killing anybody who set foot in the house they lived in.

Can you visit the grudge house?

It is currently abandoned (possibly still owned by Shimizu or the film studio) and you are not allowed to be on the property. It’s still worth a visit if you are a horror film buff or just curious because you can still get rather close to the house.

Is Toshio a male or female name?


Gender Male
Word/name Japanese
Meaning Different meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of origin Japan

Who is Toshio Saeki in Ju-on the grudge?

Toshio was born to Takeo and Kayako Saeki, a Japanese couple residing in Nerima City, Tokyo on July 27, 1985 as seen in Ju-on: The Grudge . He had a teacher named Kobayashi who happened to be an old flame of his mother, but who never really noticed her.

Who is the actor who plays Toshio Saeki?

Toshio Saeki. Toshio Saeki (佐伯 俊雄 Saeki Toshio) is a fictional character from the Ju-on franchise, created by Takashi Shimizu. He was played by several child actors, being Daiki Sawada in the short movie 4444444444, Ryōta Koyama in the original two V-Cinema movies, Yuya Ozeki in the theatrical movies and The Grudge,…

What kind of Ghost is Toshio in Ju-on?

Toshio follows the resented spirit of his mother on a spreading grudge curse that sets on anyone who steps inside their house. He is the more passive ghost overall, usually just appearing and doing little other than staring and startling people with his signature unsettling cat sounds.

How old is Toshio in Ju-on beginning of the end?

In the Ju-on: The Beginning of the End reboot, there are two Toshio identified: Toshio Yamaga, who resided in the house nineteen years before the main timeline, and Toshio Saeki, who was reborn in Kayako’s womb ten years before the main timeline. Toshio is also older than the previous continuities, being at least 9 years old at his death.

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