Can I travel to Indonesia with less than 6 months on passport?

Can I travel to Indonesia with less than 6 months on passport?

Like many countries, Indonesia requires at least six months validity remaining on passports for visitors entering the country. Citizens intending to renew their Indonesian work permits will usually require a passport with more than 12 months validity.

How long is a visa for Indonesia?

30 days
What Is the Duration of an Indonesia Visa? The validity of a Tourist Visa for Indonesia is 30 days and for a single entry. This type of visa can be extended for another 30 days before expiration. Visas on Arrival are also valid for 30 days and extendable.

How strict is the 6 month passport rule?

Most countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country unless the passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel. That means if your passport has less than six months remaining until the expiration date, you should renew it right away.

How long does a visa on arrival in Indonesia last?

Visa-on-Arrival: This is a $35 USD visa issued upon arrival valid for up to 30 days for tourism, family visitation, and other purposes. See the Indonesian Immigration’s website for more information. You may extend a Visa-on-Arrival one time for a maximum of 30 additional days, for another $35 USD.

How many time zones are there in Indonesia?

Indonesia. Long Name: Republic of Indonesia. Abbreviations: ID, IDN. Capital: Jakarta. Time Zones: 3.

When do I need to apply for an extension of my Indonesia visa?

Each extension needs to be applied for at least 4 business days before your visa validity expires and costs IDR 800k. If you leave Indonesia before your visa is expired, your visa will be voided and you will have to get a new one if you wish to return to Indonesia.

How to enter Indonesia with a full validity passport?

If you are traveling on a full-validity passport, there are three ways to enter Indonesia: Visa Exemption: This is a no-fee stamp placed in your passport upon arrival for tourists staying less than 30 days; no extensions are allowed and no adjustment to another visa status permitted.

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