How do I setup Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2008?

How do I setup Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2008?


  1. On the Windows ® Server 2008 R2 computer, click Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager.
  2. Click Roles, and then click Add Roles.
  3. Select Remote Desktop Services, and then click Next.
  4. Select the Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Licensing check boxes.
  5. Click Next.

How do you manage a Server Core remotely?

You can use many snap-ins for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) remotely to manage your Server Core server. To use an MMC snap-in to manage a Server Core server that is a domain member: Start an MMC snap-in, such as Computer Management. Right-click the snap-in, and then click Connect to another computer.

What are the Server Core option of Windows 2008?

Server Core is a minimal server installation option for the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. Server Core provides a low-maintenance server environment with limited functionality.

How do I remotely control a Windows server?

How to Manage a Network Server Remotely

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click System.
  3. Click System Advanced Settings.
  4. Click the Remote Tab.
  5. Select Allow Remote Connections to This Computer.
  6. Click OK.

What is Server Core used for?

Server Core provides a server environment with functionality scaled back to core server features, and because of limited features, it has reduced servicing and management requirements, attack surface, disk and memory usage.

How does remote desktop work in Windows Server 2008?

Luckily in Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop is configured by default to negotiate encryption with the client, so if both support it, it will be used to encrypt the traffic between the server and the administrator’s PC, so malicious users won’t be able to sniff important keystrokes.

How to enable remote desktop in Server Core?

Although Server Core doesn’t utilize explorer.exe as its shell and doesn’t offer the Computer Properties screen to enable Remote Desktop or select users to remote desktop towards the server, Server Core does offer Remote Desktop. To enable Remote Desktop you can use the SCregEdit.wsf script in the System32 subfolder of your Windows folder.

What’s the best way to remotely manage a server?

The Remote Desktop is one of the most common used ways to remotely manage Windows Servers nowadays in environments without delegation.

Can a Windows Server 2008 client work with CredSSP?

Microsoft introduced a new Credential Security Service Provider (CredSSP) In Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, but the old clients won’t work with it, because it’s more restrictive. Effectively you enable the old way of User Authentication for Terminal Services. If you can avoid it, it would be best.

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