Who won BB Australia 2014?

Who won BB Australia 2014?

Ryan Ginns
The season ended on 26 November 2014, lasting 80 days. Excluding the celebrity edition of the show, this is the shortest Big Brother season to date. The winner of the season was Ryan Ginns, who won a total of A$200,000.

Is Chad and Sophie still together?

Sophie confirmed on her YouTube channel that the pair had split up due to long distance. “On that note a lot of people will be asking about myself and Chad but there are some elements of my life I want to keep private,” she said in July last year.

Who won Big Brother 2014?

surfer Ryan Ginns
SUNSHINE Coast surfer Ryan Ginns has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014. The 26-year-old is the first Queenslander to ever win the reality show last night, beating runner-up Travis Lunardi and second runner-up Skye Wheatley.

What happened to Ben Williams from Big Brother?

Ben Williams won the first season of Big Brother Australia in 2001. Ben, 41, is now the director and owner of his business, Players Ink. The company represents professional athletes and media personalities, helping them to build their careers and negotiate contracts.

Who is Chad Hurst?

Can you spot it? Big Brother Australia 2020 winner Chad Hurst gave his fans mini-heart attacks when he debuted a wild transformation on Wednesday. The reality TV star and model revealed a very different look on Instagram, sharing a photo of himself sporting a thick beard and long hair.

Are cat and Lawson still together?

Cat Law and Lawson Reeves, former Big Brother Housemates from the 2014 season of the show, have broken up. “We broke up early this year,” Cat told Mamamia.

Where is Sarah mcdougal from?

Sarah MacDougall is a Swedish Canadian singer/songwriter currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon. Born in Malmö, Sweden, MacDougall moved to Canada to study music in Vancouver when she was a teenager. Her first tour took her in Whitehorse, where she decided to live.

Who is Mat Garrick?

Matt Garrick is an award-winning journalist and digital producer at ABC Darwin. Based in the Northern Territory for the past six years, he has worked extensively on issues affecting the Top End and Darwin, Central Australia and Northeast Arnhem Land.

Why did cat and Lawson break up?

Sonia Kruger with Cat before she entered the house. At one point Lawson and Cat both said “I love you” to each other, after which Lawson broke down in the diary room, apologising for cheating and “ruining (Candice’s) life”. “I never intended to hurt Candice,” he said through tears.

How do I apply for Big Brother 2021 Australia?


  1. You must be 18 years of age or over by 31st May 2021.
  2. You must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  3. You must be available for one (possibly two) days between 15th of August and 22nd of August 2021 for a potential audition with Producers.
  4. You must be available for approx. 10-12 weeks for the shoot.

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