What does hope mean in the Bible for kids?

What does hope mean in the Bible for kids?

The word “hope” in Greek (the language of the New Testament) is “elpis”, which means “expectation, trust, confidence”. When that word is used in the Bible, it refers to actively waiting for God’s fulfillment of what He promised.

What are the benefits of hope in God?

The Benefits of Hope

  • Hope can bring us joy and peace in the midst of turmoil.
  • Hope can give us courage, strength and boldness instead of fear.
  • Hope can provide endurance and patience instead of tempting us to quit.
  • Hope can offer confidence in the face of doubt.

How do you explain hope to a child?

Kids Definition of hope

  1. 1 : desire together with the expectation of getting what is wanted.
  2. 2 : a chance or likelihood for something desired There isn’t much hope of winning.
  3. 3 : something wished for My hope is that we’ll all do well.
  4. 4 : someone or something that may be able to help You’re our last hope.

What can we learn from hope?

Here are 5 things we’ve learned about what hope is and why it matters in our lives:

  • It’s a slow burn. A hopeful person isn’t necessarily perpetually happy and chipper.
  • Hope foils fear. Fear bellows to us that the world is ending.
  • It doesn’t ignore heartbreak. Sometimes, hope seems too fluffy.
  • God is our source.

How do you show hope in school?

Here are some ways to spread some sunshine and bring hope to the lives of others.

  1. Demonstrate love and care. We all need to feel that we are loved and cared for every now and then.
  2. Make them feel they deserve happiness.
  3. Show them acceptance.
  4. Offer help.
  5. Show them appreciation.
  6. Help them find their passion.
  7. Stay connected.

What is hope and why is it important?

To have hope is to want an outcome that makes your life better in some way. It not only can help make a tough present situation more bearable but also can eventually improve our lives because envisioning a better future motivates you to take the steps to make it happen.

What does hope mean in school?

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) combines instruction in health and physical education in a full-year, integrated course. It focuses on developing skills, habits and attitudes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and applying lessons learned to physical fitness.

What are some examples of hope?

An example of hope is when a person believes his life situation will approve and his run of back luck will end. (archaic) To have confidence; trust. Hope is defined as the action of wishing or desiring that something will occur. An example of hope is when you wish for a victory by your team.

How to teach kids that God is our hope?

Bibles, previous attribute of God posters, a large piece of paper with the words GOD IS OUR HOPE written on it, key verse (Psalm 25:5) printed on a piece of paper, blank paper and markers or colored pencils for each child in the group Ask one of the kids in the group to remind you what you’re learning this year.

What can I teach my kids at Sunday school?

Use this free Sunday school lesson with kids from Buzz to teach kids that God has power over evil. 7. Jesus Heals and Forgives Use this free Sunday school lesson with kids from Hands-On Worship to teach kids that Jesus heals and that, most importantly, he is their friend.

How can we put our hope in Jesus?

But, Jesus is our hope and we can put our hope in Him alone to save us from our sin (Romans 5:8 & John 14:6). Give each child a blank piece of paper provide markers or colored pencils.

Why did Moses hope for Hope in God?

EXPLAIN: Talk about how we saw God’s people hope in Him in this story. They hoped in God by remembering a promise that He made to Abraham 400 years earlier that He would rescue His people and they cried out to God for rescue. But, Moses needed something to prove who God was to hope in Him or to trust in His plan.

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