How do I reduce the size of Susdb MDF?

How do I reduce the size of Susdb MDF?

Shrink the DB file Do this: Right click on the database name (“SUSDB”) on the left. From ‘Tasks’, select ‘Shrink’=>’Files’ In the wizard, change the “Shrink Action” from “Release Unused Space” to “Reorganise pages before releasing unused space.

Can I delete Susdb?

If you use SQL Server Management Studio to delete a database, you can try as follow. In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine, and then expand that instance. Expand Databases, right-click the database to delete, and then click Delete.

What is Susdb?

Definition. SUSDB. Software Update Services Data Base.

How do I clean up Susdb?

To clean up your WSUS database from old package metadata information:

  1. Open the WSUS console from Server Manager and navigate to the Options area.
  2. Select the Server Cleanup Wizard.
  3. Run the Server Cleanup Wizard.

How do I remove declined updates from WSUS?

Stop server synchronizing in WSUS console….2 Answers

  1. Decline all the unwanted old updates downloaded recently.
  2. Use below Powershell script to delete all declined updates.
  3. Run server cleanup.
  4. Start synchronization.
  5. Repeat level 5 but this time for “Unapproved” updates.
  6. Repeat level 6.
  7. Repeat level 7 and 8.

Where is Susdb located?

The default location is C:\Windows\WID\Data. The good news is that we can change this location later. You will find here two files – SUSDB.

What does Wsusutil Reset do?

The reset will actually pull down all updates to ensure that your WSUS server is packed with everything that needs to be there to continue delivering updates to end-users computers. If for some reason files are missing, or were accidentally deleted, the reset will put them back.

How do I speed up WSUS synchronization?

Now open services. msc and restart the “Windows Update” service. Finally, open the WSUS console and right click “Synchronizations” and select “Synchronize Now.” You should notice a dramatic increase in download speed.

How can I increase my WSUS?

In this article

  1. Capacity limits.
  2. Disable recycling and configure memory limits.
  3. Check whether compression is enabled (if you want to conserve bandwidth)
  4. Configure products and categories.
  5. Disable Itanium updates and other unnecessary updates.
  6. Decline superseded updates and run maintenance.
  7. WSUS with SSL setup.

How big is the susdb.mdf file on the C drive?

That folder is about 8 GB big (small network, 8 computers). The susdb.mdf file however, is still on the C drive and is a whopping 15.1 GB big. I believe this is not according to plan. I have done some server cleanup through the specific WSUS interface, but the biggest chunk just hangs. What can I do? None of the suggestions I found have worked.

How to shrink a WSUS database ( susdb )?

Right click on the database name (“SUSDB”) on the left; From ‘Tasks’, select ‘Shrink’=>’Files’ In the wizard, change the “Shrink Action” from “Release Unused Space” to “Reorganise pages before releasing unused space. This takes the holes out of the file.

Is there a way to shrink a 15GB MDF file?

Assuming those thousands of approvals were removed, and the updates actually declined, the SCW might remove a few hundred rows from the database, but that’s still not going to shrink a 15GB+ MDF file. Finding out why there’s a 15GB+ MDF file really is the first step to identifying an appropriate solution.

How to delete susdb files from SQL Server?

Open SQL –> expand databases-> right-click SUSDB –> Delete. Be sure that you select “Close existing connections” at the bottom of the wizard.

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