What are the 4 hockey divisions?

What are the 4 hockey divisions?

The four division names are Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific. The Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions make up the Eastern Conference and each division has eight teams. The Central and Pacific divisions make up the Western Conference and have seven teams in each division.

How many conferences are there in NHL?

The NHL is made up of 30 teams. Of these teams, 7 are located in Canada. These teams are broken up into two conferences, the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. Within these two conferences are 4 divisions.

Who were the original 4 hockey teams?

The “original” hockey teams — the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers — were the six teams that comprised the NHL from 1942 to 1967.

What conference are the Blackhawks in?

Central Division
Chicago Blackhawks/Division

Which teams are in the NHL finals?


Year Winning team Losing team
2018 Washington Capitals (EC) Vegas Golden Knights (WC)
2019 St. Louis Blues (WC) Boston Bruins (EC)
2020 Tampa Bay Lightning (EC) Dallas Stars (WC)
2021 Tampa Bay Lightning (CD) Montreal Canadiens (ND)

How many teams are in the NHL playoffs?

Format for 2020 NHL Playoffs The 24 teams will resume play based on the top-12 teams in each conference based on points percentage at the pause as of March 12. The 2019-20 season is officially…

What are the divisions of the NHL?

As of 2018-19 season, the 31 NHL teams are arranged into two conferences with two divisions each. The Eastern Conference includes the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions, and the Western Conference is divided into the Central and Pacific divisions.

What is the NHL Western Conference?

Western Conference (NHL) The Western Conference (French: Conférence de l’Ouest) is one of two conferences in the National Hockey League (NHL) used to divide teams. Its counterpart is the Eastern Conference.

What is the NHL Western Conference Trophy?

The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, or simply the Campbell Bowl , is a National Hockey League trophy awarded to the Western Conference playoff champions.

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