What kind of car was the 1993 corvette?

What kind of car was the 1993 corvette?

1993 marked the fourth decade of America’s sports car with a very special commemorative edition- the 40th Anniversary Edition. This was an option package that was made available on all 1993 Corvette models, Coupe, Convertible, and ZR-1.

What is the ABS system on a 1993 corvette?

This Bosch ABS is one of the most advanced four-wheel anti-lock braking systems available in any automobile, and it is standard in every 1993 Corvette. ABS reduces the chance of wheel lockup during braking and is designed to help you maintain steering control even in a panic stop in rain, or snow or on ice.

What’s the color of the 40th Anniversary Corvette?

All 40th Anniversary Edition Corvettes (and only 40th Anniversary Edition Corvettes) are Ruby Red from the inside out. With a unique deep-shining metallic, special 40th anniversary emblems, and stunning ruby red interior, these Corvettes truly are a celebration of Corvette history.

What kind of transmission does a corvette have?

It is programmed for six automatic gradations of firmness within each mode, with firmness increasing as vehicle speed increases. The acclaimed ZF 6-Speed manual transmission is a no-cost option in Corvette Coupe and Convertible, and is standard in ZR-1. A 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission is standard in the Coupe and the Convertible.

How many corvettes were made in the 1990’s?

Total 1990 Corvettes Built- 23,646 7,630 Convertibles 16,016 Coupes Even in the rarified atmosphere of 150-MPH sports cars, Corvette stands alone.

What kind of braking system does a 1990 Corvette have?

Anti-Lock Braking System: This is one of the most advanced braking systems available in a production automobile, and it is standard on every 1990 Corvette. Bosch ABS II (Anti-Lock Braking System) helps the driver to retain maneuverability under full braking.

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