Where did the Solex VELOSOLEX bicycle come from?

Where did the Solex VELOSOLEX bicycle come from?

VéloSoleX is a moped, or motorized bicycle, usually just referred to as “Solex.” It was originally produced by the French manufacturer Solex, based in Paris, France. The company manufactured centrifugal radiators, carburetors, and micrometers, before branching into assist motors and bicycles.

Who was the manufacturer of the Solex moped?

The firm was owned successively by Dassault, Renault, and Motobécane MBK, who marketed the machines as Solex. Solex mopeds were also produced by the Dutch ENAF factory owned by Van der Heem NV. Built under licence between 1948 and 1969 in Le Hague they were particularly popular with young women.

When did the VELOSOLEX 45cc bike come out?

1950 velosolex 45 image provided courtesey of www.buyvintage.co.uk. french cyclemotor the velosolex 45 was sold from may 1946 to august 1953. as early as 1947, velosolex asked the bp petroleum company to research a special mixture for the velosolex 45cc for maximum optimization of the motor.

Which is the rarest version of the Solex?

The Micron is the version without headlight (red Micron) or blue Micron, with lighting. Of the type Micron there are only about 4000 Solexes made. This makes the Micron fairly rare.

When did the Solex moped stop being made?

The Solex motorized bicycle was conceived during World War II and marketed in 1946, with eight million being sold between 1946 and 1988 in France and internationally, having been marketed in some 70 countries. The French design ceased production in 1988. It lived on for almost two decades as a licensed design produced in China and Hungary.

What kind of engine does a French Solex moped have?

1960’s french solex moped, 49cc. for those of you not familiar with french solex mopeds, the front tyre is friction driven by a roller which is in turn powered by the small drop down engine above the front wheel. the engine is started by simply pedalling.

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