How long is the Monon Rail trail?

How long is the Monon Rail trail?

Monon Trail
Length 4.4 mi (7.1 km) (Northwest Indiana) 24 mi (39 km) (Indianapolis)
Location Lake, Hamilton, Marion counties, Indiana
Established 1996-present (in segments)
Designation U.S. Bicycle Route 35

How long is the Monon Greenway?

The Monon Greenway runs from 96th Street to Westfield, IN. Formerly the Monon Railroad, this popular trail serves walkers, joggers, runners, bicyclists, rollerbladers and nature enthusiasts. Carmel maintains the 5.2 mile portion that resides within its borders. The Monon Greenway is a “rails to trails” project.

How many miles long is the Monon Trail in Indiana?

About the Monon Trail A former railroad route, the Monon Trail was established in 1996 and transformed from railway to greenway, intended for commuter and recreational use. It now spans more than 25 miles in length, starting in the town of Sheridan and connecting south through Westfield and Carmel.

How far north does the Monon go?

The Monon Trail starts in Hamilton County, Indiana at the 96th Street trailhead in Carmel and stretches more than 25 miles north through Westfield and Grand Park to the town of Sheridan.

Is the Monon Trail lit?

The trail isn’t lit and much of it is shrouded under trees and vegetation, which make it pitch black in places.

How safe is the Monon Trail?

There are places on the Monon Trail, for example, where cyclists can go faster than that, but when there are crowds of people running and walking and crossing the trail, it is simply not safe. The other danger that I have observed is cyclists overtaking pedestrians without warning them of their approach.

How did Monon Trail get its name?

The Monon Trail gets its name from the Potawatomi word “monong,” meaning “swift running.” Today, people take to the trail at a variety of paces.

Is the Monon Trail open?

The section of the Monon Trail from 10th Street to just south of 15th Street will remain closed during construction through the end of next year. Construction began on the Monon Loop in late 2020.

How long is the Monon High Bridge?

Total length: 853.0 ft.

What does Monon stand for?

swift running
New tracks laid through Carmel in 1883 crossed the old at the small northern Indiana town of Bradford just as that hamlet’s name was changed to “Monon,” a Potawatomie Indian word meaning “swift running” that the Indians had given to a local creek.

Does the Midland Trace Trail connect to the Monon?

In addition, the Midland Trace Trail will connect to the Hazel Dell/Little Chicago Trail and Monon Trail when the Monon is extended to the north.

Where does the Monon Trail start and end?

Biking the Monon Trail takes you 27 miles through tree-lined paths that connect Westfield, Carmel, and Broad Ripple to downtown Indianapolis Indiana. Each stop has a unique persona that welcomes travelers, with segments containing miles of beautiful riding and photo-worthy viewpoints.

Where is the Monon rail trail in Indiana?

The popular Monon Rail Trail stretches from the town of Westfield in the north, extends south through Carmel, Broad Ripple, and passes by the Indiana State Fairgrounds before intersecting with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail on the east end of Massachusetts Avenue (Mass Ave).

How many miles is the Monon Trail from Broad Ripple?

In fact, the Quaker Park spur is so prominent that we missed the hard right to stay on the Monon Trail on our first couple of trips. It’s 15-miles or so from Quaker Park to Broad Ripple, so if you’re looking for a 30-mile ride, this is it.

Is the Monon rail trail open to dogs?

Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The Monon Rail Trail is a long paved path going north-south through Indianapolis, all the way up to Sheridan.

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