What was Michael Thonet preferred furniture material?

What was Michael Thonet preferred furniture material?

In 1842, Michael Thonet patented the process that made him famous throughout the world: the wood strips (beech, by far the favorite for its long, regular and knotless fiber) are turned, placed in an autoclave to absorb moisture, bent by force and fixed in metal forms, and finally dried; the finishing of the pieces was …

What is Fameg?

Fameg are based in Radomsko, Poland and are one of the original factories founded by the Thonet family, producing high quality bentwood furniture for over 130 years.

What is Thonet style?

Thonet Style simply refers to the First Industrial Designer of History: Michael Thonet. Pioneer in the industrialization and mass production of furniture. Michael Thonet (1796 – 1871)

Why was Michael Thonet No 14 originally designed?

The design was a response to a requirement for cafe-style chairs. The seat was often made of woven cane or palm, because the holes in the seat would let spilt liquid drain off the chair. Chair No 14 is still produced by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna.

When did mass production of furniture begin?

The first mass-produced furniture was made in the 19th century; although this increased its availability, it may have led to a drop in design and quality. As living standards improved, furniture was more accessible in the 20th century; it was now common to have appropriate furnishings in all rooms of the house.

When did Michael Thonet start making curvilinear furniture?

By 1900, the curvilinear furniture made possible by Thonet’s techniques was widely produced by furniture manufacturers in the United States, where the process was exploited for mass production of simple, inexpensive chairs and tables.

How did Michael Thonet invent bentwood furniture?

Michael Thonet is one of the most important innovators in bentwood furniture making. Thonet patented a process of bending under heat several layers of wood veneer glued together and laminated, and he used the new material to create curved back-rails and legs on chairs, contoured headboards for beds and scrolled arms for sofas.

Who is Michael Thonet and what did he do?

One can hardly imagine the work of Alvar Aalto or Charles and Ray Eames without this technology. Michael Thonet is one of the most important innovators in bentwood furniture making.

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