Which colour is best for Activa?

Which colour is best for Activa?

BS6 Honda Activa 6G: What Colour To Pick?

  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic: A safe option, the Grey colour option feels understated and goes well with the Activa 6G’s character.
  • Black:
  • Pearl Precious White:
  • Pearl Spartan Red:
  • Glitter Blue Metallic:
  • Dazzle Yellow Metallic:

What is 4G in Activa?

Honda Activa 4G is powered by a 109.2cc engine with 9 hp of power and 8.74 Nm of torque. It is available in colours like Orchid Purple Metallic and Pearl Amazing White. The Activa 4G sells at an on-road price of Rs 57,000,Delhi. Fuel Tank Capacity. 5.3 litres.

What is the CC of Activa?

Honda Activa

Manufacturer Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Honda de México
Production 2001–present;
Predecessor Kinetic Honda
Successor Activa 125
Engine 125 cc (7.6 cu in) or 109 cc (6.7 cu in), air-cooled, OHC, four stroke, single

Which color is best for scooter?

While you have classic colour combos – red and black, and blue and black – 2020 scooters look great with neon colours, rainbow mixes, and oil slick designs. Neon green is also an awesome combination with black and will definitely get you noticed. Black is a great look for all riders of all ages and skill levels.

Which color is best for Scooty?

TVS Scooty Pep+: Which Colour Should You Buy?

  • Nero Brown: Out of all the colour options that TVS has on offer, this one looks the most…
  • Glittery Gold: If you a knack for blingy things, this paint option will do just fine.
  • Vivacious Purple:
  • Frosted Black:
  • Princess Pink:
  • Nero Blue:
  • Ravishing Red:

Which colour of Activa 125 is best?

The hero colour from Honda is our pick. The burgundy red not only brings about a sense of luxury but also adds a touch of sportiness. Besides, the contrast to the chrome elements on the side panels and front apron help the scooter pop. And unlike the colour white, muck isn’t easily visible.

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