What do Makai mean?

What do Makai mean?

After referring to a Hawaiian dictionary we found the two following definitions: One, “makai” means “toward the sea” from the Hawaiian elements “ma” (in, on, at) and “kai” (sea). The most common definition is “toward the sea” since that seems to be the purest meaning.

What is the Mauka to Makai connection?

– Mauka (mow-kah) means on the mountain side of the road in the context of directions. – Makai (mah-kigh) means on the ocean side of the road in the context of directions. Picture yourself driving along this road on the right side. In that scenario, you’d be driving on the makai side.

What is Makai in Hawaiian?

Mauka and Makai. Forget directions like east and west, Hawaiians use the words mauka, meaning towards the mountain, and makai, meaning towards the ocean.

What is Mauka in English?

/maukā/ mn. chance singular noun. If you have a chance to do something, you have the opportunity to do it.

How is Makai spelled?

Most likely a spelling variation of the name Mekhi, which may be a variation of the Hebrew name Michael, meaning “Godlike.” Ironically, though, in Japanese Makai means “hell.” Hopefully your little Makai will find a happy medium between the two extremes.

What does Hale Makai mean?

House of the Sea
Hale Makai, House of the Sea, sits nestled quietly in Anahola Bay, an area rich in Hawaiian culture and a little less traveled by on Kauai’s coconut coast. …

What is the difference between Ma Uka and Ma Kai?

Mauka – Sounds like “mountain”. Look or turn towards the mountain / land. Makai – Uses the Hawaiian word “kai” (sea). Look or turn towards the ocean.

What is the opposite of Mauka?

Makai – the opposite direction of mauka, makai is the ocean, and will be used when directing towards the water.

What is the meaning of Mauna?

1. nvs., Mountain, mountainous region; mountainous. Examples: Mauna Loa (name), Long Mountain.

Which direction is Mauka?

Along with makai, mauka means mountain and refers to the opposite direction of makai. When you’re told that the direction to take is mauka, you’re driving or hiking toward the inner parts of an island, away from the ocean, toward the mountains.

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