Is Plato and Edmentum the same thing?

Is Plato and Edmentum the same thing?

To help educators and administrators respond to the demands of this “21st century” classroom, PLATO Learning is evolving and bringing its online learning solutions to market under a new name: Edmentum™.

What is courseware by Edmentum?

Download. Edmentum Courseware offers best-in-class online curricula for sixth grade through adult learners with over 400 engaging courses. Our Courseware enhances the way educators utilize data, tracking progress to course completion and content mastery and saving valuable time to ensure that program goals are met.

Are lesson activities on Edmentum graded?

Often times the tutorials will ask you to complete some kind of activity or check point. Do not spend a lot of time on these since they are not graded. You can use any notes you took from the tutorials or online to help you with this. You will also have multiple opportunities to complete these.

What is Plato in high school?

Class Description: PLATO is an online credit recovery class designed to help students earn credits that they may have previously missed. Earning these credits will help them stay on track for graduation.

How does Edmentum courseware work?

In Edmentum Courseware lessons, students begin by answering one or more warm-up questions in which they think about and record their perception of how something works. Later in the lesson, students might review their initial response to a warm-up question and comment on it.

Can teachers see tutorials on Edmentum?

Answer: Yes, teachers can see if you didn’t do the tutorial on edmentum.

What can teachers see on Edmentum?

Once you login to Edmentum you will arrive at what is referred to as the “Sensei” dashboard. An overview of this dashboard can be found by clicking “Help Center – Sensei Overview” on the right when logged in as a teacher. From this area you can see student Alerts, Unlock mastery tests, and view student progress.

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