How is Cisco ESA licensed?

How is Cisco ESA licensed?

The Cisco ESA licenses are included in all Cisco Email Security software bundles. Just purchase the appropriate licenses for the number of mailboxes you need to support, then buy the appropriate on-premises appliances. For virtual appliances, simply order the software licenses to get entitlement.

What is vln Cisco?

A Virtual License Number (VLN) must be created from Cisco Global License Operations (GLO). (If you do not already have a account, register for an account at

How do I activate my IronPort license?

Log in to your product. Open the activation key email and view the license key(s). Follow the instructions in the product administrator guide and in the email to install the license key(s). IronPort allows for sharing of licenses across devices; however, they must be registered.

Where is my ASA serial number?

Type command “Show version” or check the box tag, or check serial number at the bottom of device. Type command “Show version” or check the box tag, or check serial number at the bottom of device.

What is ESA license?

ESA Doctors ensures that the healthcare professional assisting you is licensed in the State of California. ESA Doctors works with compassionate professionals who understand the benefits of emotional support animals for mental wellbeing.

How do I check my ESA license?

ESA’s Customer Service Centre can be reached at 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233).

What is an IronPort appliance?

The IronPort C380 email security appliance prevents advanced threats, blocks spam and viruses, and helps enable corporate email policy enforcement for medium-sized enterprises and satellite offices.

How do I find my appliance serial number?

The serial number is located on label that is typically affixed to the interior of the appliance where it will be protected from damage. The most common location is just inside the door. The serial number is also noted each appliance’s packaging.

How do I activate my Cisco license?

In your web browser, go to the Cisco Product License Registration website: Enter your Product Authorization Key (PAK). Click “Fulfill Single PAK” to continue.

Where can I get a Cisco demo license?

More information can be obtained in the install guide. Demo licenses are available for request through the License Portal. Once there, click on Get Other Licenses > Demo and Evaluation > Security Products > Cisco Virtual Appliance Demo License and select the product you would like – WSA or ESA.

How to download Cisco web security virtual appliance?

1. Go to 2. In the right panel, click Software Downloads, Release and General Information. 3. Click Download Software. You will be led to downloads for the Cisco Web Security Appliance. 4. Click Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance. Select the virtual appliance image that you need and click Download.

Where can I get a Cisco security license?

1. Go to 2. Log in with your Cisco account ID. 3. On the Get New tab, choose License for Email & Web Security Appliance from the pull-down menu. 4. A page appears that requests an activation code to get the license.

Do you need a NFR Cisco ESAV license?

Partners with active NFR Cisco Email Security software licenses are entitled to receive an NFR Cisco ESAV license. You will need to have your activation keys from your Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) or your Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) in addition to a account to complete this process.

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