What is the best cream for lichen planus?

What is the best cream for lichen planus?

Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus

Treatment Comments
High-potency topical corticosteroids† First-line therapy
Clobetasol (Temovate) Fluocinonide
Topical calcineurin inhibitors† For cases unresponsive to topical corticosteroids
Pimecrolimus (Elidel) Tacrolimus (Protopic)

What is the best herbal treatment for lichen planus?

Turmeric – According to a study published in the National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, turmeric ointment can alleviate discomfort in oral lichen planus. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help inhibit the spread of the disease.

How do you get rid of lichen planus spots?

Topical (applied to the skin) corticosteroid: Cream or ointment to reduce swelling and redness. Corticosteroid: Pills (such as prednisone) or shots can help when lichen planus lasts a long time or a patient has many bumps or painful sores. PUVA therapy: A type of light treatment that can help clear the skin.

Is lichen planus a disability?

The Veteran’s lichen planus is currently rated as 60 percent disabling by analogy to Diagnostic Code 7806 for dermatitis or eczema.

What vitamins help lichen planus?

Since 1971, Vitamin A acid (VAA) has been used for topical treatment of lichen planus (L.p.) at the 2nd Department of Dermatology in Vienna.

Is apple cider vinegar good for lichen planus?

The precise cause of lichen planus remains unknown. Treatment includes apple-cider vinegar or lidocaine mouthwashes, antihistamines, cyclosporin or other immune-suppressing medications, topical or oral corticosteroids, topical ointments or creams and ultraviolet-light therapy.

What vitamins help with lichen planus?

How I cured my lichen planus turmeric?

Turmeric ointment was given to apply topically 2 times a day for 3 months, significant improvement was observed in clinical symptoms [5]. Both the result are similar to the results observed in our study making Turmeric a potential treatment option for Lichen planus.

How do dermatologists treat Lichen Planus?

How do dermatologists treat lichen planus?

  • Antihistamines: Pills that help alleviate itching.
  • Topical (applied to the skin) corticosteroid: Cream or ointment to reduce swelling and redness.

What vitamins help Lichen Planus?

How can turmeric help in lichen planus?

What it means: turmeric is an effective anti inflammatory agent and helps reduce the symptoms of lichen planus, especially its oral variant by controlling the immune system and reducing the expression of pro-inflammatory molecules in the affected area.

Who treats lichen planus?

A dermatologist is the most qualified physician it treating Lichen Planus due to its way of manifestation. The areas that a dermatologist is trained on are the same areas that lichen planus appear.

What is lichen planus in the mouth?

Oral lichen planus (also termed oral mucosal lichen planus), is a form of mucosal lichen planus, where lichen planus involves the oral mucosa, the lining of the mouth. This may occur in combination with other variants of lichen planus.

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