What does Equatorial mean chemistry?

What does Equatorial mean chemistry?

Equatorial: In cyclohexane, a bond which is perpendicular to the axis of the ring (i.e., the bond lies along the equator of the chair), or a group attached by such a bond.

What is axial and equatorial atoms?

The bonds to non-ring atoms are termed axial or equatorial, depending on the bond angle. Bonds to non-ring atoms with angles of about 90° to the ring plane are termed axial. Bonds to non-ring atoms which make only a small angle compared with the plane of the ring are termed equatorial.

How do you know if an atom is axial or equatorial?

Axial bonds alternate up and down, and are shown “vertical”. Equatorial groups are approximately horizontal, but actually somewhat distorted from that (slightly up or slightly down), so that the angle from the axial group is a bit more than a right angle — reflecting the common 109.5o bond angle.

What is meant by equatorial axis?

[‚e·kwə′tȯr·ē·əl ′ak·səs] (geodesy) The diameter of the earth described between two points on the equator.

What is equatorial position in physics?

Equatorial line is the perpendicular line to the line passing through the positive and negative charges and the point lies on that line is known as the equatorial point.

Why is Equatorial more stable?

When the methyl group is in the equatorial position this strain is not present which makes the equatorial conformer more stable and favored in the ring flip equilibrium. The Newman projection of equatorial methylcyclohexane shows no such interactions and is therefore more stable.

What is Equatorial angle?

The plane of the satellite orbit may make some definite angle with the equatorial plane of the earth (i.e. the XY plane of the coordinate system). This angle is called the inclination. We know that the focus of the orbit coincides with the center of the earth on the equatorial plane.

What do we mean by equatorial?

adjective. of, relating to, or near an equator, especially the equator of the earth. of, like, or typical of the regions at the earth’s equator: equatorial temperatures.

What does equatorial countries mean?

The Equator is a huge circle of imagination that is assumed to be in the middle of the earth. The length of the earth’s equator is exactly 40,075.16 kilometers. The Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn in the north and south of Equator are considered as equatorial regions. …

What is an equatorial point?

A line perpendicular to the axial line and passing through the midpoint of electric dipole is called its equatorial line. Consider a point P on the equatorial line of an electric dipole (situated in a vacuum) at a distance r from the midpoint O of the electric dipole of length 2a as shown in figure.

What is Equatorial point of dipole?

The line perpendicular to the axial line and passes through the centre of the electric dipole length is called an equatorial line. Let P be the point on the equatorial line at a distance r from the centre O of the dipole. A unit positive charge is placed at P.

What is the medical definition of the equator?

Medical Definition of equatorial 1 : of, located at, or relating to an equator equatorial diameter 2 : extending in a direction essentially in the plane of a cyclic structure (as of cyclohexane) equatorial hydrogen atoms — compare axial sense 2b

What does Equatorial mean in terms of astronomy?

equatorial(adj) a telescope whose mounting has only two axes of motion, one parallel to the Earth’s axis and the other one at right angles to it. equatorial(adj) of or relating to or at an equator.

What do axial and equatorial bonds refer to?

What do axial and equatorial refer to? Axial and equatorial are types of bonds found in the ‘ chair’ conformation of cyclohexane. The chair conformation of cyclohexane has to lowest totally energy and is, therefore, the most stable.

How are axial and equatorial positions the same?

It is important to notice that axial positions next to each other point in opposite directions. The same is also true for equatorial positions. This is shown more clearly on the diagram below.

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