What does Mindhouse do?

What does Mindhouse do?

At Mindhouse, we combine techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition to solve specific problems across women’s health, everyday wellness, chronic ailments and mental health. Our team of global experts is rigorously trained on the Mindhouse curriculum, to bring to you the best practices for your individual needs.

Who owns Mindhouse?

Gurugram-based healthtech platform Mindhouse, owned by Blacktail Mindhouse and set up by co-founder of food delivery platform Zomato Pankaj Chaddah, has raised $676,113 in a debt funding round. The round was led by Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal’s BTB Ventures.

Is Mindhouse app free?

Mindhouse – For those looking to meditate I opted to try meditation for a relaxed mind. Since the app offers two weeks of free access, I could explore everything on offer. The goals you choose have milestones in the form of classes and sessions to attend, and you can record and save your progress.

Where is the Mindhouse located?

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What is Mindhouse subscription?

• You’re all set – start booking and attending live meditation & yoga classes. Offer Terms & Conditions: •This coupon gives you 6 months complimentary access to unlimited live meditation classes on the. Mindhouse app. •It also offers 6 months complimentary access to all in-app meditation-based content and tracks.

What is Mindhouse app?

The Mindhouse app provides meditation and yoga content in the form of live classes and a vast library of modules that can be consumed anytime by the user.

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