What is the most powerful weapon in The Forest?

What is the most powerful weapon in The Forest?

The Modern Axe is basically the undisputed champion of all axes in The Forest. It excels over the rest of the axes in speed, damage, and blocking. Cutting trees using the Modern Axe will save you time, resources, and explosives. This weapon will take down a tree in no more than 9 hits.

Are there any guns in The Forest game?

Flintlock Pistol : A pistol, which can be assembled by crafting all 8 parts. It uses old gun ammo as ammo. Flare Gun : A gun that can be found in the cockpit. It uses flares as ammo.

What are all the secret weapons in The Forest?


  • Plane Axe: Found in flight attendant on the main plane.
  • Climbing Axe: Found in cave, used to climb up rocks.
  • Stone Axe: Crafted with one stick, one rope, and one rock.
  • Modern Axe: Found on beach inside a rock.
  • Flare Gun: Found in the nose of plane in dead pilots hand.

How do you make your weapons stronger in The Forest?

For a balanced weapon with improved speed and damage, add 20 feathers and 10 booze. This adds 1 damage and 1 speed. To get the most damage without sacrificing any of the weapon’s default speed, add 15 booze and 15 feathers.

Does the SOS in the forest do anything?

0 to The Forest….SOS.

SOS Signal
Uses Decoration
Other Effects Calls a plane to fly over head about 30 seconds after placing
Stackable Yes
Buildable on Most surfaces

Is the rusty AXE good the forest?

This axe is slower and deals less damage than the modern axe, but has higher knockdown power and the highest block level for a weapon, similar to the club and the turtle shell. The rusty axe, like the crafted axe, will chop down a tree in 13 hits (9 for the modern axe, 17 for the plane axe).

Where is the Katana in forest?

the Dead Cave
The Katana is found in the Dead Cave (Cave 1). It is one of the easiest to obtain items in the game, as it does not require that the player face any cannibals or mutants. To obtain the Katana, enter the easternmost entrance for Cave 1 (located here), which is not too far from the river.

Where is the nose of the plane in the forest?

Player Given Names Front of the plane
Added in v0.18
Location(s) Far northeast area of the Peninsula
The Forest Map

What happens if your sanity reaches 0 in the forest?

It has been confirmed that Sanity has no effect on the player whatsoever. The developers had plans to incorporate effects, however at this stage it has no effect. The only thing it does is allow the player to build effigies.

What is the point of the rusty axe in the forest?

The rusty axe, like the crafted axe, will chop down a tree in 13 hits (9 for the modern axe, 17 for the plane axe). It can also be upgraded and combined with cloth to add extra burning damage. Like all other axes and the katana, it can be used to dismember dead corpses.

What do the weapons do in the forest?

Weapons in The Forest are anything that have the ability to kill, excluding Traps. Weapons are primarily used to defend yourself against enemies encountered all over the Peninsula, but some of them are also valuable tools used to gather resources and hunt animals.

Is the forest a good game for PC?

“The Forest looks brilliant.” “It’s an exciting time to be a PC gamer when a team of just four can create a game that’s this impressive.” This patch updates The Forest VR to include support for the new index controllers as well as fixing and improving a ton of VR specific issues.

Is there a patch for the forest PS4?

We have just released a small patch for the PS4 version of The Forest. This patch improves overall stability and also fixes a bug with the hole cutter display. This patch for PS4 adds the camcorder pickup, along with some various fixes and improvements. This patch fixes some small issues that have come up since the last patch release.

Where to find cassette 5 in the forest?

Cassette 5 is found in the cave with the two “cowmen”, or in a side tunnel of the Diamond Mine. The cassette player can be attached to a tree by pressing “E” next to one while it is equipped.

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