Can Cross pens be repaired?

Can Cross pens be repaired?

Cross Writing Instruments Full Perpetual Warranty Guarantee Any Cross product or part requiring service under this warranty will be repaired or replaced when received at our factory from the consumer (postage and insurance are the responsibility of the consumer, and processing fees may apply).

How do you identify a Cross pen?

Find the engraved citation on the nib or point of your Cross pen if your pen is a fountain pen. Some points are 14k gold and are older points, and some have the country of origin of the pen. If your pen is marked Cross China on the clip, just above the clip or on the nib, it is a recent pen.

How do you unscrew a Cross pen?

Set the top half of the pen down. Hold the pen straight up with the tip pointing towards the ground. Turn the old Cross pen refill plastic cap counterclockwise to release. Pull up to remove the old refill from the pen barrel.

What are the problems with a cross ballpoint pen?

The pen has two problems: The twist mechanism just keeps going around. The ‘stop’ never engages. The threaded attachment point that the refill screws into inside the barrel seems to have moved up in the barrel, farther from the tip of the pen.

Are there replacement nibs for cross century pens?

Over 80 replacement nibs of varying styles and widths are offered For Cross Townsend, Century II, and ATX fountain pens. Note: Replacement nibs include the entire front section of the pen, and are designed and developed for Cross fountain pens only.

How do you replenish a cross mechanical pencil?

Push the lead inside by pressing the exposed lead against any surface or the tip of your finger. Lock the lead in place by twisting the cap to the right or clockwise until you hear a click again. TO REPLENISH THE LEAD: Note: Cross has two different models of mechanical pencils: Cassette and Cassetteless.

How much does a ball point pen cost?

Cross 2019 Year of the Pig Special-Edition Ballpoint Pen. $298.00.

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