Is Polo Comfortline worth buying?

Is Polo Comfortline worth buying?

The Comfortline variant is overpriced and not worth buying as it offers poor value for money.

What is the difference between VW Polo Trendline and Comfortline?

Picking the difference between the Polo Trendline and Comfortline takes an eagle eye, but the easy way to tell are the steel wheels on the Trendline with the Comfortline having 15-inch alloy wheels and a chrome grille.

What model is a 2006 VW Polo?

The Volkswagen Polo Mk4 is the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Polo supermini car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen.

Is the VW Polo sold in the US?

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-new VW Polo subcompact, but if you were hoping that VW would finally bring it to the United States, prepare to be disappointed. Even though the VW Polo would be a great rival to other subcompacts, like the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit, VW says that it has no plans to offer it in the U.S.

Is Comfortline or trendline better?

You will find the basics in the entry-level Trendline version, however. The Comfortline is better-endowed, featuring automatic emergency braking, pedestrian monitoring, blind spot detection with rear traffic alert, etc.

Does Volkswagen Polo have problems?

I have a 2012 1.2 mpi polo highline which has run only 48000 kms and has again developed engine issue. Its EPC light is on and its engine and body is rattling and shaking like crazy….User Review on Volkswagen Polo [2016-2019] Highline1. 2L (P)

5.0 Exterior 3.0 Comfort
1.0 Performance 2.0 Fuel Economy
1.0 Value for Money

Is Comfortline better than trendline?

The Trendline is more a base model than Comfortline – an impression you’ll immediately get because it looks like it with the same interior trim. IMO the comfortline with driver assist package is best value. Cannot beat the adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

Is Polo Highline better than Comfortline?

The only difference between the Polo 1.0 Comfortline and 1.0 Highline Plus is of features rest all specifications remain the same. Volkswagen Polo 1.0 MPI Highline Plus comes equipped with Automatic Climate Control, Rear AC Vents, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, etc.

How long does a VW Polo last?

Additionally, you can increase or reduce the mileage of your Volkswagen Polo by judicially using your gear, air conditioner, and accelerator. Having this mileage in mind, we can comfortably say that the Volkswagen Polo lasts over six years without any trouble, including the 2 years warranty promised by the company.

Is Polo a 4×4?

If you need reminding that we live in strange times, take a moment to look at the Polo Dune. It’s a car with the visual punch of a capable 4×4, yet has the off-roading ability of a skateboard.

What does TSI stand for?

Turbocharged Stratified Injection
TSI: This abbreviation stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection. All U.S. models now have a turbocharged engine, and stratified injection simply means the fuel is injected into the cylinders before ignition.

Is TSI better than TDI?

Which is better, TSI or TDI? The TDI engine is a diesel engine that’s made by the Volkswagen Group. TDI stands for ‘Turbocharged Direct Injection. While most modern TSI engines are capable of excellent fuel economy of 45mpg or more, they generally fall short of TDI engines, some of which manage over 65mpg.

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