Did Spencer and caggie sleep together?

Did Spencer and caggie sleep together?

And just in time for Christmas, Caggie Dunlop and Spencer Matthews finally got together in a Made In Chelsea special last night. After a few kisses in Series 1, Caggie and Spencer ended up spending the night together during a pre-Christmas break to Finland.

Is Spencer still friends with caggie?

The star – who was Millie’s bridesmaid at her wedding to Hugo Taylor last year – says, “Spencer and I are still friends; he’s very happy. Fatherhood really suits him. He’s really come into himself in a great way, so I’m proud of him for that.

Did Rosie and Hugo sleep together?

As for whether she and Hugo really did get together behind Millie’s back, Rosie is keen to clear a few things up: ‘A lot of people just resumed we slept together, which we didn’t. They started their relationship with that kiss in the gallery scene, which was before I had told Hugo that I didn’t want to be with him.

What happened to Caggy?

The former MIC star left the King’s Road in season three, but Caggie is now 32 and has had quite the career change. Like former castmate Fredrik Ferrier, Caggie decided to pursue a career singing. Caggie told MailOnline in 2019, ‘It’s about frustration, excitement and uncertainty.

Who is Hugo from MIC married to?

Millie Mackintoshm. 2018
Hugo Taylor/Spouse

What was Caggie Dunlops relationship with Spencer Matthews?

Throughout her time on the reality television series, her complicated relationship with Spencer Matthews was documented. For those die-hard MIC fans it’s hard to forget Caggie and Spencer’s love woes. During their time on the show he continually pursued his “childhood sweetheart” despite her rejecting his advances over and over again.

Who was Caggie Dunlop dating on made in Chelsea?

Former Made In Chelsea star admits to a ‘hard week’ as ex boyfriend Spencer Matthews gets engaged to Vogue Williams CAGGIE Dunlop enjoyed a complicated relationship with Spencer Matthews on Made In Chelsea, but where is Millie Mackintosh’s best friend as her former love interest gets engaged?

Who is Spencer Matthews dating in real life?

In the few series that followed, Caggie’s relationship with Spencer progressed, as the duo confessed to dalliances, but their romance never appeared to materialise into something serious before Caggie quit Made In Chelsea in series three. Spencer is now dating Irish model Vogue Williams, after meeting her on The Jump earlier this year.

Who is Spencer Matthews ex Funda Onal married to?

And now Caggie Dunlop has found herself linked once again to Spencer Matthews’ former flame Funda Önal, as the brunette bombshell has now married her ex-beau Scott Sullivan. Scott – who has dated the likes of Katie Price, Bianca Gascoigne and Jodie Marsh – revealed the couple’s happy news via Instagram, a day before their nuptials had taken place.

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