What happened to Weheartit?

What happened to Weheartit?

We Heart It is no longer incorporated in the United States. It is now owned by Super Basic, LLC. It no longer has an office or any employees in San Francisco.

Is Weheartit safe?

“Absolutely garbage security” This site has had massive breaches TWICE in the last 12 months. They have not disclosed these either times. Hackers managed to gain access to administration tools which let them access and change the information on any account they want.

Is Weheartit popular?

I’m talking about We Heart It — the vapidly named, Pinterest-like social network that’s massively popular among teenagers, virtually unknown among everyone else and now, as of today, displaying native ads to its nearly 30 million active users. If that number surprises you, it probably should.

Is Weheartit app free?

– Unlock the ad-free experience: browse endless inspiration without any of the distractions! – Start your free 3 day trial today! Be a part of our inspiring community and join the millions of users who have used We Heart It since 2007!

Does anyone still use we heart it?

The service has also grown from 30 million users reported this March to now 40 million members as of today. These users have favorited (aka “hearted”) over 10 billion images to date, and the network itself serves over 60 billion images and videos per month.

How much does WeHeartIt cost?

Top In-App Purchases

Title Price
We Heart It Discover 6 Months $8.99
Whi Gold 6 Months $19.99
Unlock Everything $119.99
We Heart It Premium $6.99

Is WeHeartIt like Pinterest?

Using WeHeartIt.com for Backlinks. For folks who just like to organize, share, and exchange pictures; Pinterest is better. The backlinks aren’t intuitive to visitors though. Unlike with Pinterest, there is nothing to indicate that clicking the image will take you anywhere.

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