What year is Honda Civic SiR?

What year is Honda Civic SiR?

In 1999 however, the sixth-generation Civic received a facelift. Along with that, the Philippine market also received the Honda SiR. Everybody went wild for it. From serious car enthusiasts, college runts, to middle aged mid-life crisis types, a lot of people wanted one, and thus, bought one.

What is the meaning of SiR in Honda Civic?

SiR = Sport Injected Racing.

How much is a Honda Civic SiR in the Philippines?

Lowest Price: ₱235,000. Highest Price: ₱1,200,000.

How do I identify a Honda SiR?

To distinguish the SiR from its tamer siblings, Honda equipped it with an exclusive red-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob, and a factory-installed engine bay strut brace. Additional unique upholstery and a better stereo system also set it apart from the rest of the lineup.

What is Honda VTi?

As with all Honda models of the age, VTi denoted the inclusion of Honda’s VTEC technology. There was a rear VTi badge, and decals of “DOHC VTEC” on the rear doors, as well as front/rear bumper lips and side skirts (in VTI-S models). 1996 saw the introduction of the VTi model and then a limited edition VTI-S.

What engine does the Honda Civic SiR have?

DOHC VTEC engine
The Civic SiR’s four-cylinder 1,595cc DOHC VTEC engine produced 160hp and 150Nm. The fact that it resided under the hood of a four-door compact sedan with powerful disc brakes and double wishbone independent suspension made for a compelling argument to anyone who loved cars.

What VTi means?

Acronym. Definition. VTI. Variable Valve Lift and Timing Injection.

Is the Honda Civic SiR still available in the Philippines?

The Honda Civic SiR: You can still get one. As you might already know, the Honda Civic FK8 Type R is already available here in the Philippines. Sure, it’s very powerful, and agile, but the price tag, and its exterior styling is just too much for some people. This is where the older Honda Civic SiR can fit in.

What kind of car is Honda Civic SiR?

Due to its success, the Civic SiR even heralded a slew of other high-performance cars released on the Philippine market like the Nissan 200SX, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and many others. Also, it’s important to point out that like its humbler VTi and LXi brothers, Civic SiR is a four door sedan.

When did the Honda Civic 6 come out?

Introduced initially in Japan in 1995, and then in the Philippines and the rest of the world in 1996, the sixth-generation Civic came in many flavors. It had a two-door coupe version, a four-door sedan, and a two-door coupe.

What is the horsepower of a Honda Civic?

Based on the Honda Civic specs, this 4 cylinder Front Wheel Drive sports sedan can produce a maximum power of 173 hp @ 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 216 nm @ 5,500 rpm. All Honda Civic models come with a Euro 4 emission rating which signifies maximum fuel efficiency.

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