How to air check TH350?

How to air check TH350?

You check the low rev piston at the rear of trans case . Looking up you will see three holes. . The one with the screen in it or the one next to it . Don’t worry about blowing the wrong hole , you will no when u got the rite one, should hold pressure then release when u let go of the air.

What does the band do in a TH350 transmission?

Bands are used in transmissions to stop and hold clutch drums or other major internal components from turning. The intermediate band in the TH350 transmission is around the direct drum and the upper end of the band fits into a notch in the case to keep it stationary when the servo is applied.

Can a Turbo 350 handle 1000hp?

The TH350 can “hold” 1000 HP but it will be a more maintenance intensive unit that a TH400 or Glide.

When should a TH350 shift?

In general, minimum throttle shift points should be, 1-2, 9-12 MPH, 2-3, 20-25 MPH. The more throttle you give it, the higher it should extend the shifts.

How do I make my Turbo 350 shift later?

Get a small flat head screwdriver,go to the passenger side of the transmission. Unhook the vacuum line on the modulator and screw the adjustment screw inwards in 2 turn increments. Screwing it all the way in will give you very hard shifts and will feel very uncomfortable when it shifts at higher speeds.

How much HP will a stock TH350 hold?

The Stage 1 TH350 is rated up to 450 hp. Those seeking something a little stronger can check out the Stage 2 version (PN PA35102) that holds 550 hp and retails for $1,500 with a real world street price of $1,175 from most vendors. Both transmissions come with a standard one-year warranty.

How long is a 350 Turbo transmission dipstick?

34″ Long
BLACK Steel, OE-Style, GM TH350 (Turbo 350) Transmission Fluid Dipstick With BLACK Steel Tube; 34″ Long Dipstick.

What kind of transmission does Chevy TH350 have?

Order a Chevy TH350 transmission from JEGS High Performance today! The Turbo 350 transmission is for Chevy with Short 6-inch Tailshaft. Our TH 350 transmissions are Dyno tested and made in the USA. This Chevy 350 transmission handles up to 450HP.

What’s the difference between a TH350 and a 350th?

The weight of 350TH is 120 lbs, which is light and convenient for use on small vehicles. 350 TH is shorter in size and easier to adapt in smaller-bodied cars. It weighs about 125 pounds. A TH350 will start operating at a loss of about 35hp. TH350 can take the modification for racing too. TH350 has an aluminium case.

Where is the vacuum modulator on a th 350?

TH-400 was a high-torque transmission. It was used in heavy cars. It was used in light cars. The vacuum modulator is located on the right front of the transmission. TH-350 had a square pan, with one corner cut off.

How many quarts of oil does a TH350 take?

The TH350 takes about 4 quarts in the pan, and then requires additional based on the torque converter being used. When combined with a 9.5” converter, the overall requirement is around 10 quarts.

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