How do I find the shutter count on my Nikon D3100?

How do I find the shutter count on my Nikon D3100?

Exif-Viewer, Opanda, PhotoMe and more, all show the shutter count. In Opanda, go to the bottom of the page and up from the bottom a bit is the shutter count…or load a picture up on here with exif showing and we can tell you the shutter count.

How do I find the shutter count on my Nikon?

Finding the shutter count on Nikon & Pentax cameras The shutter count is stored within each photo’s EXIF data. All you need to do is take a photo and upload the file to the website It’ll then tell you exactly what number that particular photo is.

What is the shutter speed of Nikon D3100?

1/4000 to 30 s
Nikon Digital SLR Camera D3100 Specifications

Type Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Speed 1/4000 to 30 s in steps of 1/3 EV, Bulb
Flash sync speed X=1/200 s; synchronizes with shutter at 1/200 s or slower

How do I find the shutter count on my Nikon D5500?

Click “Image information” button. Click “EXIF info” button. Scroll down to “Total pictures”. Re: Any way to check shutter count on D5500 without having to upload jpegs?

How do I add a shutter count to a photo?

  1. 1) EXIF Data. The information on the total shutter actuations on your camera is preserved in file headers, known as “metadata” or “EXIF”.
  2. 2) Switch to JPEG format.
  3. 3) Download EXIF viewer.
  4. 4) Viewing Shutter Count EXIF Data via ExifTool.
  5. 5) Viewing Shutter Count EXIF Data via Opanda IExif.

What is the shutter count for Nikon D7000?

For the D7000, Nikon claims a shutter life expectancy of 150 000 actuations.

Is Nikon D3100 discontinued?

Please note that the Nikon D3100 has been replaced by the Nikon D3200.

How old is a Nikon D3100?

The Nikon D3100 is a 14.2-megapixel DX format DSLR Nikon F-mount camera announced by Nikon on August 19, 2010. It replaced the D3000 as Nikon’s entry level DSLR.

What is the maximum shutter actuations for the Nikon D3100?

The rated shutter life of a D3100 is 100,000 shutter actuations. But that’s not terribly useful, because that’s really just a statistic. When Nikon says 100,000 actuations, they’re basing that on a defect-free shutter and their decades of camera design experience.

When to use shutter count on Nikon DSLR?

The total shutter count can be useful when selling a Nikon DSLR on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Also, be sure to check out my other site for Nikon Reviews ! These are cameras that are known to work.

How big is the Nikon D3100 CMOS sensor?

Sensor And Sensitivity Features Sensor Type CMOS Sensor Size 23.5 x 15.6 mm Maximum ISO 3200 Maximum FPS 3 fps ISO Rating ISO 100 -3200

How much does it cost to replace a Nikon shutter?

Shutter replacement costs generally fall into the range of US$200 to US$400, plus the hassle of having to send the camera to the Nikon service center. That said, the actuation count is not just an indicator on whether or not the shutter might soon need to be replaced, but more generally on the overall condition of your D3100.

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