Who was the Renaissance artist Raphael?

Who was the Renaissance artist Raphael?

Known for Painting Architecture
Notable work Raphael Rooms Sistine Madonna Transfiguration
Movement High Renaissance
Parent(s) Giovanni Santi Màgia

Who painted Rafael?

List of paintings by Raphael

Title Year Technique
Portrait of a Man c. 1502 Oil on panel
Madonna with Child and Saints c. 1502 Oil on panel
Madonna Solly c. 1502 Oil on panel
Madonna and Child with the Book 1502–1503 Oil on panel

Who is the famous artist Raphael?

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, known as Raphael, was one of three great masters of High Renaissance art along with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. He was a master in realistically depicting emotion in great detail which brought his paintings to life.

Who was the patron of Raphael?

Julius II
In 1508 Pope Julius II commissioned Raphael to create frescoes on the walls of the Vatican apartments. While working on these nowcelebrated rooms, Raphael received a commission from his leading private patron, Agostino Chigi, to decorate his family’s chapel in the church of Santa Maria della Pace in central Rome.

What killed Raphael?

April 6, 1520
Raphael/Date of death

How many Madonna paintings did Raphael do?

He also made drawings of the Mother and Child that he never translated in paint; they seem, instead, to be personal explorations. From Raphael’s entire brief career some thirty-four paintings of the Virgin and Child survive.

Who is Raphael the Ninja Turtle named after?

He is the second eldest of the turtles, and third-in-command. Like all of the brothers, he is named after a Renaissance artist; in this case, he is named after the 16th-century Italian painter Raphael….Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Team affiliations Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Notable aliases Nightwatcher, The Shredder

What did Raphael paint in the Vatican?

The four paintings are: The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple, The Mass at Bolsena, The Meeting of Pope Leo I and Attila, and The Deliverance of Saint Peter from Prison.

What is Raphael’s most famous painting?

Raphael is probably most famous for his paintings, including Madonna in the Meadow (1505/06), School of Athens (c. 1508–11), Sistine Madonna (1512/13), The Transfiguration (1516–20), and Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione (c. 1514–15).

What are the names of Raphael’s paintings?

The Mond Crucifixion, 1502-3, very much in the style of Perugino ( National Gallery ) The Coronation of the Virgin 1502-3 ( Pinacoteca Vaticana ) The Wedding of the Virgin, Raphael’s most sophisticated altarpiece of this period ( Pinacoteca di Brera ) Saint George and the Dragon, a small work (29 x 21 cm) for the court of Urbino ( Louvre )

Who is the best Renaissance artist?

Leonardo da Vinci is probably the best-known Renaissance artist, famous for his masterworks The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. The classic “renaissance man,” da Vinci was not only an artist but also an inventor, scientist, architect, engineer, and more.

What is Raphael painting?

The Sistine Madonna is an oil painting by Raphael from 1513. Raphael was famous for his many paintings of the Madonna which he depicted in different moods and sizes. Today, the most famous part of the painting is the two angels, or cherubim, at the bottom.

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