Do Springers have long ears?

Do Springers have long ears?

A springer’s recognisable looks are characterised by their long, curly ears and beautiful feathering on their tail, legs, and chest.

Why do springer spaniels have long ears?

Long ears help to capture scent particles when the dog is running and hunting. The movement and action of the ears move these scent particles towards the spaniel’s nose to help him to identify and locate quarry.

Do springer spaniels have ear problems?

Springer Spaniels are very often afflicted by allergies, which can cause itching and inflammation in the ears and elsewhere. By monitoring for ear infections and treating them early, we also reduce the likelihood of eardrum damage that can lead to deafness.

How big do English Springers get?

19 to 20 inches
Built for long days in the field, English Springer Spaniels are tough, muscular hunters standing 19 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 40 and 50 pounds.

Should I trim my spaniels ears?

With spaniels, gundog grooming becomes another matter. Their feathers trap and hold dirt so they need regular grooming. They have also required gentle trimming of their feathers and ears to keep them looking smart – an easy job with a decent pair of thinning shears.

How do I stop my spaniels ears from matting?

Regular grooming is the best way to avoid mats from developing on Dozer’s ears. This includes proper bathing, brushing, and special attention to the fur around the ears if mats are a recurring issue. Be sure the blades on your shears are sharp. Dull blades can pull at the hair, causing pain instead of cutting it.

Should you clean your spaniels ears?

Many dog owners often wonder: should I be cleaning my dog’s ears? The short answer is, usually, yes. It’s often an overlooked part of your dog’s grooming regime, but for many dogs it is extremely important as it allows you to regularly check for problems or ear infections.

Can a springer spaniel have an ear problem?

Springer Spaniels, like most dogs with long hairy ears, are prone to ear problems. This is no reason to avoid the breed – regular grooming and care of the ears mean that your dog may never suffer.

What does an English Springer Spaniel look like?

This dog is a sturdy one for his size with quite a bit of bone and large paws. The English springer spaniel has the classic “spaniel” look to him: large and expressive eyes, a moderate muzzle with a definite stop to the forehead, long-hanging ears with some feathering, and a docked tail.

How often should I Clean my Springer Spaniel’s ears?

Rinse your springer spaniel’s ears at least once a week with an ear cleansing solution that will dry up any excess moisture hiding inside his ears. Squeeze a few drops of cleanser into his ear canal, hold the flap down, and distribute the solution by massaging the base of his ear for 15 seconds before allowing him to shake.

What should I do with my Springer Spaniel’s hair?

Trim the hair around your springer spaniel’s ears. Long fur becomes matted with debris, oil and dirt. It also keeps moisture and bacteria near his ear canal, which increases his chance of infection and irritation. Trimming the wavy hair on his floppy ears to an inch or less in length will prevent painful matting and tangles from occurring.

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