Who makes MCM bags?

Who makes MCM bags?

MCM is a leather goods brand that was originally founded by Michael Cromer Munchen in 1976. The brand became popular in the 80s for its flashy logo leather suitcases and handbags. After being acquired by the Sungjoo Group in 2005, MCM is now an insanely popular luxury luggage and handbag brand in Asia and Europe.

What is MCM luggage?

MCM shoulder bags are the definition of a showstopper. The German leather goods label launched in 1976, going on to garner a worldwide reputation for always daring to be different.

What is MCM label?

The MCM label, originally stood popular during the 1980s for being “ostentatious and flashy”. At the height of its popularity in 1993, it owned 250 branches worldwide and recorded sales of $250 million. Following a 1995 investigation of Cromer for alleged tax evasion by German tax authorities, banks and investors lost faith in MCM’s…

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