How can I download service tax return now?

How can I download service tax return now?

The same can be downloaded from It can also be accessed from ‘DOWNLOADS’ section of ACES website, The online version of the same will be made available shortly and the exact date will be intimated on ACES website.

What is declared service?

Declared services are taxable services that have been specifically included in “service” to remove any ambiguity on the tax ability of such transactions and to ensure uniformity of taxation on these transactions throughout the country.

How can I download Service Tax receipt?

The Assessee has an option to download the counterfoil from the website of the bank. This will contain all details available that are usually given in the hard copy of the computerized acknowledgement including Challan Identification Number (CIN) and name of the bank through which e-payment has been made.

How can I open Service Tax return?

To access the application, post migration, the existing taxpayers under Central Excise and Service Tax, need go to the new portal namely, In the “Taxpayer Login”, need to provide existing user id and password credentials (used by them to login to ACES portal).

Why do I need to file a ST-3 return?

1. What is ST-3 Return? It is a self assessed statutory document notified by the Central Board of Excise and Customs which functions under the Ministry of Finance for the service providers to enable them to declare the value of taxable services provided or received by them and the taxes paid by them for the same. 2. Why ST-3 Return?

Who is required to file return of service tax?

Who is required to File Return of Service Tax: The Service Tax return is required to be filed by any person liable to pay the Service Tax. The person liable to pay Service Tax should himself assess the Tax due on the Services provided by him and shall furnish to the Superintendent of Central Excise on a half yearly basis, in Form ST-3.

What kind of tax return does a service distributor need?

The input Service distributor shall furnish a half yearly return in Form ST-3, giving the details of credit received and distributed during the half year period to the Superintendent of Central Excise. [Please Refer: Rule 9 (10) CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004.]

What is Rule 7 of service tax rules?

Rule 7 of Service Tax Rules, 1994 states: (1) Every assessee shall submit a half-yearly return in Form ‘ST-3’ or ‘ST-3A’, as the case may be, along with a copy of the Form TR-6, in triplicate for the months covered in the half-yearly return.

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