How do you adjust velocity on Etha 2?

How do you adjust velocity on Etha 2?

Insert a 1/8 hex key A into the velocity adjuster screw B to alter the velocity of the ETHA2. Turn the hex key clockwise to reduce velocity. Turn the hex key counter-clockwise to increase velocity. Fire two clearing shots after each velocity adjustment for an accurate velocity reading.

How do I turn my eyes off 170R?

Marker WILL fire. To switch the 170R off press and hold the Select button. Release the Select button when the LED turns red. The 170R will now switch off.

What is dwell on a paintball gun?

Solenoid dwell controls how long the solenoid stays open to allow the bolt to move forward and release air to push the paintball out of the barrel. If the dwell is too high the bolt will stay open too long and let more air out than is necessary.

How fast can the Etha 2 shoot?

15 balls per second
It will shoot up to 15 balls per second, in semi or ramping. It does not have full auto.

Is the 170R good?

The 170R is the best marker on the market for the price right now, hands down, zero competition. Anyone who says otherwise simply needs to pick it up and play with it. Admittedly $800 is a little pricey but what people fail to realize is the 170R is closer to the CS2 than it is to the 160R.

What does a solenoid do in a paintball gun?

An electropneumatic paintball marker is a paintball marker that uses a pneumatic solenoid to actuate the hammer and/or bolt’s movement.

Is Etha 2 a good gun?

P.s. the gamma core is rock solid and is what skyrocketed the etha 2 to become a extremely reliable gun, even over other comparable markers. You get soo much more for the price. The axe 2.0 shoots far louder than the etha 2. The etha just shoots so much smoother.

What is PSP mode in paintball?

Semi-Auto/NPPL – One shot per trigger pull. Ramping/PSP – The MINI will operate in semi-auto mode for the first 3 shots then the MINI will ramp to the Rate-of-Fire value in which is defaulted to 13 shots per second for this mode.

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