How much does a bottle of Masseto cost?

How much does a bottle of Masseto cost?

The brand has seen rising prices and has become tough to get hold of on release. Masseto released the 2015 vintage at $345. In 2021, the average cost per bottle is $922. Italy’s groundbreaking Merlot is also a favorite at auctions.

Why is Masseto so expensive?

8. It’s very hard to get hold of. Production totals around just 30,000 bottles a year. Coupled with its legendary status, this scarcity means Masseto consistently commands very high prices at auction, with the average bottle costing around £630.

How much is a Masseto?

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Store Information Price and Size
Sunfish Cellars Lilydale, MN – 651-552-5955 United States Shipping info for Sunfish Cellars $ 39.99
Westchester Wine Warehouse White Plains, NY – 914-824-1400 United States $ 299.99
Bern’s Fine Wine Tampa, FL – 813-250-9463 United States $ 320.00

How much does Masseto wine cost?

Masseto is one of the “cult wines” of Italy today if you can find this wine retail it will cost you over $200 a bottle. The costal thicket of Bolgheri, on the Tuscan coast south of Livorno, has always produced wines, but until more recent times, of minor distinction.

Is masseto a Super Tuscan?

Masseto is one of the most famous Super Tuscan wines, made entirely from Merlot. It is made by Tenuta dell’Ornellaia and is known for its aromatic complexity, opulent fruit and tannic structure, and is consistently regarded as one of the top wines in the world with auction prices to match.

Who owns masseto?

Marchesi Frescobaldi società Agricola
Ornellaia/Parent organizations

What’s the most expensive Italian wine?

The Most Expensive Italian Wines

Wine Name Maximum Price (USD)
1 Tenuta dell’Ornellaia ‘Ornellaia’ Vendemia d’Artista Special Edition Bolgheri Superiore, Tuscany, Italy 6,863
2 Bruno Giacosa Collina Rionda, Barolo DOCG, Italy 2,433
3 Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva DOCG, Veneto, Italy 1,999

What type of wine is masseto?

Where is masseto made?

Masseto is a rare, single vineyard wine made entirely from Merlot grapes grown on the vineyard bearing the same name. Located in the vaunted Bolgheri region of Tuscany, Masseto was first released in 1986 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the world’s most sought after and extremely allocated wines.

What does masseto taste like?

Masseto 2017 manages to encapsulate all the ripeness and concentration of a particularly sunny and dry vintage. The color is almost black, the nose reveals a rich and ripe expression of concentrated black fruit, with hints of spices and liquorice.

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