What does NSF content mean?

What does NSF content mean?

NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded in 1944, whose goal was to create standards for food safety and sanitation to promote public health. When you purchase NSF certified foodservice products, it means: Products are commercial dishwasher safe and will not likely harbor bacteria.

What does NSF stand for in food safety?

National Sanitation Foundation
The NSF acronym stands for “National Sanitation Foundation,” and their motto is “the public health and safety company.” This is a testament to their prominence in the fields of food service, healthcare, and more.

What does NSF stand for on my phone?

Li, along with Robert Proctor and Luo Si, also professors at Purdue, lead a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded project “User-Centric Risk Communication and Control on Mobile Devices,” that investigates computer security. The work pays special attention to user control of security features in mobile systems.

What does nonfood compounds mean?

NONFOOD COMPOUND is an industry term used to describe lubricants, greases and other chemicals used in and around food processing areas. Proprietary Substances are pre- processing compounds also used within these same facilities.

What NFS means?

First Definition of NFS

Definition: Not for Sale
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What are the NSF standards?

NSF/ANSI 59 establishes minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, construction and performance of mobile food carts and their related components. The standard applies to carts used to prepare and serve food as well as those used only to serve prepackaged food.

What does NSF mean for games?

Games for good: Learning while you play | NSF – National Science Foundation.

What is NSF abbreviation?


Acronym Definition
NSF Non Sufficient Funds
NSF Not Sufficient Funds (return check reason code)
NSF National Sanitation Foundation
NSF National Service Framework (Department of Health UK)

What does NSF H2 registered mean?

NSF H2 certified products must adhere to strict toxicology parameters and may not contain trace elements of “Carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, mineral acids or intentionally heavy metals such as antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury or selenium.”

What is NSF K2?

NSF K2 is the highest category for cleaners within the food production area and due to total evaporation cuts out the need for washing or wiping after use. Guidance from NSF International.

What does NFS mean in dating?

What does NSF stand for Urban Dictionary?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Not So Fast
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What do you need to know about NSF International?

Show the food industry your chemical products can be trusted. NSF International registers a wide range of chemical compounds and proprietary substances, including lubricants and cleaning products. Want to know all category codes available for proprietary substances and nonfood compounds?

What do you need to know about NSF chemical registration?

Gain greater product acceptance for your lubricants, cleaning products, water treatment chemicals and other chemical compounds. NSF’s registration requirements encompass key regional and global food safety program guidelines, helping ensure registered products comply with industry regulations.

What do you need to know about NSF H1 registration?

An H1 registration from NSF verifies that your product is suitable to use in applications where incidental contact could occur between the lubricant and food during normal operations. Registrations evaluate chemical risks by reviewing product formulations and labels. In addition to H1 food-grade lubricants, we also register:

Why do food processors use the NSF registration mark?

As a result, food processors and foodservice operators around the world use NSF’s registration program as their regulatory guidance for cleaning products. NSF’s registration mark is not only trusted by those in the food industry, but by food safety regulators and auditors as well.

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