Is Vedanta a good company to work for?

Is Vedanta a good company to work for?

Vedanta is a very good company, job security and salary benefit are good for future.

How can I go to Vedanta?

Vedanta Resources Recruitment Eligibility Criteria: Must have good communication skills. Must have a good hold on mathematics or must be good in calculation. Must have good academic records from Class X on wards. Candidates who have attended Vedanta Resources interview or recruitment before 6 months need not to apply.

Who is owner of Vedanta?

Vedanta Resources
Vedanta Limited/Parent organizations

Anil Agarwal is the chairman of Vedanta Resources Plc, a company he founded in 1976. The company started as a cable manufacturer and went on to be listed in the London Stock Exchange in 2003.

How many employees does Vedanta have?

Vedanta Limited

Type Public
Total assets ₹183,622.00 crore (US$24 billion) (2020)
Total equity ₹71,747 crore (US$9.5 billion) (2020)
Number of employees 76,752 (2019)
Parent Vedanta Resources

Is Vedanta a MNC company?

Vedanta Resources Limited is a global diversified mining company headquartered in London, England. It is the largest mining and non-ferrous metals company in India and has mining operations in Australia and Zambia and oil and gas operations in three countries….Vedanta Resources.

Formerly Angelchange Limited
Area served Worldwide

How is Vedanta for CA?

Average Vedanta Resources Chartered Accountant salary in India is ₹ 16.2 Lakhs for 3 to 5 years of experience. Chartered Accountant salary at Vedanta Resources ranges between ₹9.5 Lakhs to ₹ 24 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 128% more than the average Chartered Accountant Salary in India.

Why is Vedanta limited?

The idea is to create a high-performance culture that recognizes and rewards performers in a fair and equitable manner. Vedanta is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment and has put in place world-class standards in safety, environment and sustainability. …

What does Vedanta Resources do?

Vedanta Resources supplies natural resources that help the world grow. Our major products are zinc-lead-silver, iron ore, steel, copper, aluminium, power, oil and gas. Our strategic capabilities and alliances are singularly focused on creating and preserving value for our wide stakeholder groups and our clientele.

Where is the main office of Vedanta?

Mumbai, India
Vedanta Limited/Headquarters

Who is the CEO of Vedanta?

Sunil Duggal
Vedanta Limited/CEO

What is Vedanta issue?

The Madras High Court on Tuesday issued notice to Vedanta Ltd for remediation of contaminated sites inside Sterlite copper smelting plant in Thoothukudi. Following a a PIL filed by an activist, the Court gave the company five weeks to respond to the notice.

Can we buy Vedanta share?

Vedanta Resources, the promoter group company, has offered to buy back 17 per cent of the floating shares at Rs 235 per share, which is 47 per cent higher than the Rs 160 offered in January. The offer opened today and will close on April 7. The company will spend Rs 15,300 crore if the offer is fully subscribed.

Where can I download the Vedanta mobile app?

The mobile application is available for download from Android Play Store. Company Secretary & Compliance Officer and details of Nodal Officer for queries related to Corporate Governance and Secretarial matters:

Which is the best definition of Vedanta philosophy?

Vedanta is knowledge of life and living. It investigates the fundamental questions of life logically and expounds the eternal Truth systematically. Offers everyone an opportunity to seek and personally realise the Unknown Reality.

What kind of company is Vedanta Resources plc?

Vedanta Resources is an associate company of the London Stock Exchange listed, FTSE 100 diversified resources group Vedanta Resources Plc. Originally incorporated in 2001, Vedanta Limited is a leading producer of metallurgical grade alumina and other aluminum products, which cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

Where do we teach the wisdom of Vedanta?

We teach the wisdom of Vedanta to people across the society without any discrimination of social status, gender or religion. #11/3, 3rd Cross, Nandidurg Road, Jayamahal Extn.

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