What is EFQM training?

What is EFQM training?

This course offers essential skills training in using the EFQM model as a management tool. You’ll learn how to take a helicopter view of any organisation and appreciate the RADAR logic as a useful tool for identifying an organisation’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

What EFQM stands for?

European Foundation for Quality Management
The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, is a self-assessment framework for measuring the strengths and areas for improvement of an organisation across all of its activities.

What is the purpose of EFQM?

The EFQM model provides a framework allowing organisations to determine their current “level of excellence” and where they need to improve their efforts. The model also helps to ensure that business decisions incorporate the needs of all stakeholders and are aligned with the organisation’s objectives.

What are the quality concepts of EFQM?

The EFQM–health care-adapted framework has eight quality dimensions, two of them (customer focus and safety) being overlapped with the other six (staff, results orientation, responsive governance, leadership and constancy of purpose, clinical effectiveness, and partnership development).

Is Efqm a TQM?

The EFQM Excellence Model (EEM) has been used by managers and academics as a proxy for the implementation of total quality management (TQM).

What are the results in the EFQM Excellence Model?

The fundamental premise of the EEM is that excellent results, with respect to customers, people, society and key business results (four results criteria), are achieved through leadership that directs and drives the organisation’s strategy, people, alliances and resources and processes (EFQM, 2012).


What is EFQM radar?

RADAR is the acronym that EFQM uses to describe the logic behind the diagnostic tool it has developed to help any organisation: • Better manage its current way of working. • Diagnose its current strengths and opportunities for improvement.

What is the role of EFQM in developing customer service strategy?

EFQM Excellence Model enables managers to effectively self-assess critical performance issues to identify a range of service interrelationships affecting customers [19] . Measuring e-government has traditionally been focused on measuring and benchmarking websites and their use.

What are the result in the EFQM Excellence Model?

What companies use EFQM?

The leadership criteria in the EFQM model will be used as a basis for the comparison of six different companies, namely the following banks: Citibank (USA), Deutsche Bank (Germany), Sumitomo Bank (Japan), BNP Paribas (France), Barclays (UK) and Commerzbank (Germany).

What are the enablers of EFQM?

The EFQM Excellence Model comprises nine elements grouped under five “enabler” criteria (leadership, policy and strategy, people, partnerships and resources and processes) and four “result” criteria (customer results, people results, key performance results, and society results).

How many people can participate in an EFQM foundation course?

Registrations are limited to 12 participants per course to allow for full interaction with the trainer and other participants. The EFQM Foundation Course provides the core knowledge about the EFQM Model. In some cases, the training will have fulfilled the learning needs of an individual.

What is the purpose of the EFQM platform?

At EFQM, our mission is to improve the performance of organisations and their ability to manage change and transformation. Addressing the very real issues facing today’s modern organisations, EFQM offers data-driven, analysis-based tools to give organisations meaningful insights and stakeholder support, empowering them in their journey…

What is the online self-assessment course in EFQM?

It is a practical introduction to EFQM, the model and assessment. The Online Self-Assessment Course is designed to assist organisations, and individuals in organisations to perform their first self-assessment. Throughout the course we will go through the various tools and techniques to go through the full self-assessment cycle.

Is the EFQM Excellence Model for licenced trainers?

For Licenced Trainers only. Designed for individuals who want to understand the basics of the EFQM Excellence Model and how it can practically be applied into an organisation. It is a practical introduction to EFQM, the model and assessment.

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