When was Taganrog founded?

When was Taganrog founded?

Founded as a fortress and naval base in 1698 by Peter I the Great, Taganrog developed in the 19th century as a grain-exporting port.

What was the population of the Russian empire?

125,640,021 people
The total population of the Russian Empire was recorded to be 125,640,021 people (50.2% female, 49.8% male; urban 16,828,395, median age of 21.16 years).

What was the population of Russia in 1913?

159 millions
Contexts in source publication shown in Table 7, the population of the Russian empire in 1913 was officially some 159 millions; the official number of people living on the territory of the future Soviet state in the same year, at 138 millions, was more than 20 million less.

What was the population of Moscow in 1945?

Between July 1941 and June 1943, Moscow was also bombed repeatedly from the air. The Moscow population conducted itself bravely during the war years. Between 1941 and 1945 more than 850,000 Muscovites went to the front.

What is the population of Taganrog in Russia?

Taganrog (Russian: Таганрог, IPA: [təɡɐnˈrok]) is a port city in Rostov Oblast, Russia, on the north shore of the Taganrog Bay in the Sea of Azov, several kilometers west of the mouth of the Don River. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 257,681.

What kind of cars do they make in Taganrog?

The plant manufactures automobiles licensed by Hyundai. The production line includes Hyundai Accent compact sedan, mid-size Hyundai Sonata, sport utility vehicle Santa Fe, and Hyundai Porter pickup truck. Taganrog is also home to the aircraft design bureau Beriev .

Which is the leading industrial center of Rostov Oblast?

Taganrog is the leading industrial center of Rostov Oblast. Local industry is represented by aerospace, machine-building, automobile, military, iron and steel industry, engineering, metal traders and processors, timber, woodwork, pulp and paper, food, light, chemical and construction materials.

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