Did NEFFEX split up?

Did NEFFEX split up?

On July 6, 2021, they mutually decided to part ways and each one focus on solo projects, leaving Savage left in NEFFEX.

Are NEFFEX songs copyright free?

NEFFEX: I think we stand out because of the number of genres we create while offering all our music copyright-free. It allows all types of creators with any type of content — vlog, adrenaline junkie, gamer, lifestyle — to find music that works for them.

What type of music is NEFFEX?


How did Neffex get famous?

Part of their rise to fame was their strategy of allowing their music to be used for free by content creators, which meant Neffex songs were soundtracking multiple videos from high-profile social media personalities.

Is grateful copyrighted?

Stream NEFFEX – Grateful [PAO – Royalty Free Music] Copyright Free 2018 by PAO – Royalty Free Music | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

Is NEFFEX popular?

In addition to having their songs regularly collect millions of streams, Neffex accumulated millions of followers across several social media platforms. In October 2019, they released the six-song EP Q203, named after the apartment where they recorded their music.

When was Neffex created?

NEFFEX/Active from
NEFFEX was founded on July 27, 2014 on YouTube. The band is an American music duo consisting of Cameron Wales and Bryce Savage.

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