How long does it take to walk the Hebridean Way?

How long does it take to walk the Hebridean Way?

TIME/DISTANCE The Hebridean Way is 240km/149 miles in total. The typical time taken to walk the route is 14 days. It is possible to walks various stretches of the route – this feature covers 42.7km/27 miles from Leverburgh to Tarbert, which was accomplished in two days.

What is the best time of year to visit the Outer Hebrides?

Late April to the end of June is probably the best time to visit the Outer Hebrides. The days quickly become much longer – although you are some way south of the midnight sun, it never gets completely dark in mid June – and wildlife, on a mission to breed and rear young, is at its richest.

How hard is the Hebridean Way?

The Hebridean Way cycling route is only partially marked; you’ll also struggle to see any signposts, apart from starting and finishing points. However, navigating in the Outer Hebrides archipelago is very easy, as the roads are sparse.

How do you explore the Outer Hebrides?

Getting around. Driving is the most popular way for people exploring the Outer Hebrides, but often people will explore the islands on a cycling holiday. Follow the Hebridean Way Cycling Route and pedal over 10 islands in the archipelago, passing some incredible attractions and scenery along the way.

Can you drive the Hebridean Way?

This tour of the Outer Hebrides will travel through some of the finest beaches in Scotland and allow you to visit one of the oldest Neolithic sites in the world. This wonderful island-hopping self-drive tour explores the majestic islands of the Outer Hebrides by sea and by road.

Do you get midges in the Hebrides?

Annoyingly, midges are prevalent in the Hebrides between May and October, but their effect is mostly felt at dusk, when experienced boat skippers know to stay on the move.

Do people live on the Hebrides islands?

During the same period Scottish island populations as a whole grew by 4% to 103,702. The largest settlement in the Outer Hebrides is Stornoway on Lewis, which has a population of about 8,100….Population.

Island Barra
Gaelic name Barraigh
2011 population 1,174
2001 population 1,078
2011 Gaelic speakers 62% (761)

Can you cycle the Hebridean Way?

The Hebridean Way is a long-distance national cycling route (NCN 780) through the Outer Hebrides. It links some of the best places in Scotland to explore and admire the spectacular natural environment. You can also walk the Hebridean Way using a separate waymarked route.

Can you drive the Hebridean way?

What to see and do in the Outer Hebrides?

Walking The Outer Hebrides has some of the finest walking experiences in Europe. Nowhere else offers such a rich combination of attractions: stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, turquoise seascapes, flower rich machair, imposing m ountains, outstanding archaeology and, of course, the islands’ unique Gaelic culture.

Where does the Hebridean way start and end?

Where is the Hebridean Way? The Hebridean Way is a long-distance hiking trail in the Outer Hebrides, an archipelago off the north-west coast of Scotland. It covers 10 islands (Vatersay, Barra, Eriskay, South Uist, Benbecula, Grimsay, North Uist, Berneray, Harris and Lewis) and runs from Vatersay in the south to Stornoway on Lewis in the north.

Which is the best way to hike the Hebridean way?

Considering the weather, it is most logical to hike the Hebridean Way from south to north. Firstly, because the wind usually blows in a northerly direction, so you won’t have to fight with many headwinds walking in the same direction. Secondly, if the sun is out, you want it in your back, rather than your face.

How many islands are on the Hebridean way?

The Hebridean Way walking offers keen hikers a unique opportunity to walk the length of this spectacular archipelago. Over the course of 156 miles (252km) the route goes through 10 islands, crosses 6 causeways and includes two stunning ferry journeys.

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