Where are Thorens turntables manufactured?

Where are Thorens turntables manufactured?

Thorens relocated their manufacturing to Germany, Poland, and Switzerland during some rather tumultuous decades for the company as it struggled to combat the birth of digital audio, and only recently in 2018 was restructured with new ownership that is based in Germany.

How good is Thorens TD 160?

The famed Thorens TD-160 is pretty much unparalleled when it comes to classic vintage turntables models. Being at the right place and time may have helped Thorens make its mark in the audio fidelity world, but this relatively affordable and well appointed turntable has since become a thing of legend.

How good is Thorens TD-160?

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What’s the name of the new Thorens turntable?

With the new TD 124 DD, Thorens is reviving one of the most legendary turntables in the brand’s history. Innovative direct drive turntable with carbon tonearm, integrated phono stage and auto shut off. New TD 202 completes the new series of manual plug and play turntables.

Which is the best turntable on the market?

Thorens TD-124 Review. The Thorens TD-124 is the king of the idler drive resurgence. Slightly better than the Lenco GL-75 and the Garrard 301, the Thorens TD-124 is truly one of the best turntables of all time.

Is the Thorens TD 125 Mk II in good condition?

Thorens TD 125 MK II Turntable W/SME 3009 Tonearm This unit had been completely professional serviced by complety re-flow and overhauls, re-finish the wooden cabinet, cleaned from the inside out, install the legendary Tonearm SME 3009 AND brand new CARTRIDGE Goldring E1 This turntable is in serviced – Excellent condition!

How much does a turntable cost in Calgary?

If you live in the Calgary area would like learn more about turntables come down and we are more than willing to lend our expert advice. Price range starting @ $400 – $6000 A reasonably normal childhood was spent building electric guitars, flying model a aeroplanes, playing the clarinet and breeding budgies.

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