How many days in Thorsmork?

How many days in Thorsmork?

For those planning to stay, we recommend doing the whole trail in one or more stages in anywhere between 2 – 5 days. The more time you spend on this trail, the more time you actually need as there are so many beautiful places worth exploring in Þórsmörk.

How do I see Thorsmork?

The easiest and safest way is to park your car and hop aboard the daily 4×4 Þórsmörk River Bus or book a tour with a 4×4 SUPERJEEP. Bus tickets to and from Þórsmörk. Hop on the Þórsmörk River Bus and spend the day wandering the endless trails.

What is Thorsmork Iceland?

Thorsmork is a stunning mountain ridge within a remote area of the southern Icelandic highlands. At just over 150 km (93,2) from Reykjavík and 100 km from Selfoss (62 mi), Thor’s Valley is the perfect location to escape the city and explore nature.

Can you drive to landmannalaugar?

Driving to Landmannalaugar There are no paved roads to Landmannalaugar. To get here, you will drive on rough, unpaved roads, also called F-roads.

How do I get to Landmannalaugar?

Going the easiest, most car-friendly road, Landmannalaugar is around 200 km from Reykjavík. You simply drive east on Miklabraut, take a right on the Vík exit and keep driving on route 1 until you reach the turn to route 30. Exit at route 32, then go route 26 for a while. There are signs on the way, but do bring a map.

What are f-roads in Iceland?

Quite simply, the F-roads are mountain or highland roads, so these are the roads that mainly are heading to the interior part of the country. These roads are not your average roads, but more like extremely rocky, full of potholes, muddy, incredibly steep roads. Some of them you even have to cross rivers.

How long is glymur hike?

Glymur Waterfall Trail is a 4.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Pyrill, Western, Iceland that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Where is the valley of Thor in Iceland?

Thorsmork – the Valley of Thor – is situated in the South Highlands of Iceland between the mountain glaciers of Tindfjallajökull and the world famous Eyjafjallajökull, with Mýrdalsjökul at the rear end of the valley.

Is there a bus from Reykjavik to Thorsmork?

Buses depart from Reykjavik, or it is possible to hop on at different locations along the way. Trex, Reykjavik Excursions, and Sterna all make multiple trips in per day, check their websites to reserve a ticket. There are two long treks that end directly in Thorsmork – Fimmvörðuháls and Laugavegur.

Where are the best places to hike in Thorsmork?

The Laugavegur trek is a multiple day hike that starts in Landmannalaugar and ends in Thorsmork. AKA, although ridiculously scenic, these hikes are definitely not the easiest ways to get there! The Volcano Huts are located in the Húsadalur valley in the middle of the Thorsmork nature reserve.

How long does it take to get to the valley of Thor?

This tour begins with a super jeep tour to the valley, to begin a challenging hike from Thorsmork up to Fimmvorduhals Pass. From beginning to end, the tour takes around 12 hours and incorporates Fimmvörðuháls, Eyjafjallajökull, Magni and Móði craters, and Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

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