What happened to Windjammer Cruises?

What happened to Windjammer Cruises?

In September 2007, Windjammer’s entire fleet was suspended from operating any further cruises….Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.

Type Cruise line
Founded 1947
Defunct Services: 2007 Company: 2008
Fate Bankruptcy in late 2007, liquidation in September 2008
Headquarters Miami Beach, Florida

How much does a Maine windjammer cruise cost?

Rates, including meals, cabin and onboard adventures, begin around $600 per person, per cruise. Some windjammers offer solo cabins at the same rate; others charge a fee; and some will help pair same-sex solo travelers in a twin cabin.

How many people are on a Windjammer cruise?

Each windjammer carries between 16 and 40 guests and 4-10 crew members.

Where is the SV Mandalay?

The vessel is currently at port ST GEORGES, GD after a voyage of 2 days, 10 hours originating from port ST KITTS, KN. MANDALAY (IMO: 7738383) is a Sailing Vessel that was built in 1923 (98 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of Tanzania.

Why are they called Windjammers?

In fact, the word comes from the English word “to jam” because the sails are so large that they seem to “jam” the wind. The windjammers were cargo ships designed for long voyages.

What is LWL on a boat?

A vessel’s waterline length (abbreviated to L.W.L) is the length of a ship or boat at the level where it sits in the water (the waterline). The LWL will be shorter than the length of the boat overall (length overall or LOA) as most boats have bows and stern protrusions that make the LOA greater than the LWL.

Where can I go on a windjammer cruise?

The tall ship Liberty Clipper offers windjammer sailing vacation cruises. Come explore the Out Islands such as Eleuthera and the Exumas as we island hop from day to day.

What kind of ship is the island Windjammer?

If you’re looking for a Caribbean vacation ruled by the sun, moon, and tides, you’ve found it! Island Windjammers offers six and twelve-night sailings aboard our classic clipper ship Vela and schooner Diamant. Vela hosts twenty-six guests, while Diamant accommodates an intimate ten guests.

What makes a windjammer a tall ship cruise?

A Windjammer sailing cruise is a unique tall ship experience where the destinations are influenced by the winds and tides to provide the ultimate relaxation and peacefulness on the water. If you want excitement, the crew welcomes you to help raise the sails, learn navigation skills, and participate in the sailing…

Is the Liberty Clipper a windjammer cruise ship?

A windjammer cruise on the Liberty Clipper provides you opportunities to truly explore off-the-beaten-path locations like you’d never imagined. In the evenings, you will enjoy fine homemade meals prepared by our cooks. You can relax aboard the ship, or stay ashore a little longer, again depending upon the itinerary of your cruise.

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