How old is Danni Victor?

How old is Danni Victor?

33 years (May 18, 1988)
Danielle Victor/Age

How old is Gabi and Dani?


Name Age Nickname
Danielle “Danni” Victor 23 The Black Sheep
Demitra “Mimi” Roche † 25 The Miami Maverick
Erica “Venetia” Figueroa 23 The Red-Headed Hustler
Gabrielle “Gabi” Victor 23 The Queen B

Who is Gabi Victor baby father?

As we’ve mentioned before, Gabi Victor baby father is Victor Tarrats. When he found out she was pregnant, he told her that he was in love with someone else and she needed to get an abortion. Gabrielle decided to have the baby anyway.

How old is Gabi from BGC?

Gabi is currently 28 years old and resides in Methuen, Massachusetts….

Gabi Victor
Seasons Season 8: Las Vegas
Spin-Offs Love Games (Season 4) (guest appearance)
Number of Episodes 36 episodes

How old is the victor twins?

She is most known for her appearance on season eight of The Bad Girls Club, becoming the first set of twins to participate on the show….Danielle Victor.

Danielle Elizabeth Laura victor
Age 25
Born May 18, 1988
Season Bad Girls Club (season 8)
Friends Gabrielle Victor Julie Ofcharsky Judi Jai

Where is Rocky from BGC now?

Rocky is currently 25 years old and currently reside in New York City, NY.

What season BGC was Dani on?

Danielle “Danni” Victor (also known as The Black Sheep) is an original bad girl on Season 8….

Danni Victor
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Seasons Season 8: Las Vegas Season 13: Redemption

Does Gabby marry Victor Lang?

Victor Lang was the Mayor of Fairview, as well as the second husband of Gabrielle Solis.

How tall is Natalie Nunn?

1.68 m
Natalie Nunn/Height

What race is Judi from BGC?

Black looks: Race and representation.

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