Can you reuse airless pump bottles?

Can you reuse airless pump bottles?

Airless pump bottles are refillable and reusable, thus minimising packaging waste and costs to you, the consumer. Yay! Never feel like you need to keep your bottle upright to pump the product out, or wait for it to settle after being bounced around in your luggage. Pump your product out at any angle, at any time.

What does airless pump mean?

An Airless Pump Bottle is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system that utilizes a mechanical pump in a bottle. As you push down on the pump, the disc in the bottle rises to push the product out of the pump. Airless packaging will help increase the shelf life of the final product.

What are airless bottles used for?

Airless bottles are considered a real breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin care creams, serums, and foundations that are packaged in each container.

How does an airless pump work?

what actually is an airless pump bottle? Unlike jars and bottles with an internal straw, an airless pump bottle works on a vacuum. As you pump the product, a disk at the bottom of the bottle slowly moves up (the vacuum effect) allowing the cream to stay in contact with the mechanism!

What is the capacity of an airless pump?

Silver, Gold Transperent Airless Pump Bottle, Capacity: 30ml, 50ml.

Can you put oil in an airless pump?

After you have flushed the airless sprayers fluid section and the hose with the compatible solvent of your new material, you can then insert the pick up tube into the new oil based material and prime the fluid section by putting the dump tube into a bucket with oil based material or a clean bucket and waiting till the …

How does a airless pump work?

Airless pump bottles feature an internal diaphragm which houses a piston mechanism, with a small plastic disc that is placed at the base of the bottle prior to filling. As the pump is depressed by the user, the disc rises upwards, pushing the product up and out through the dispensing nozzle.

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