Who won MKR 2013?

Who won MKR 2013?

Dan and Steph
Dan and Steph win My Kitchen Rules 2013 – Dan and Steph.

Who won MKR 2015?

Will and Steve
After months battling it out in the kitchen, Will and Steve from Sydney have been crowned the winners of My Kitchen Rules, making them the first ever all-male team to take out the title. The British besties are in celebration mode after beating out the bubbly duo, Jac and Shaz for the 2015 title.

Who is Sophia Pou fiance?

Little did she know at the time, by appearing on the show she would end up meeting her now fiancé, Carlos.

Who won MKR 2012?

Jennifer and Leigh are crowned the MKR winners back in 2012 | Daily Mail Online.

Who won MKR 2016?

Tasia and Gracia Segar
Melbourne sisters Tasia and Gracia Segar won the My Kitchen Rules 2016 grand finale last night, beating Adelaide’s married couple Carmine and Lauren Finelli over a grueling five-course cook off.

Did jazzy and Henry get together?

The pair were rumoured to be an item on set, but Jazzey says they no longer have a relationship. “There’s absolutely nothing with me and Henry in any way, shape or form,” she declares. “Nothing at all.”

What does Bree may from MKR do for a living?

Bree May’s days are packed: she runs catering business Food According to Bree, has a handcrafted range of ketchups, writes recipes and whips up “plenty of veg and meat” for her children and husband. Her MKR teammate Jessica Liebich is just as busy.

Who are the winners of the curse of MKR?

Last year’s winners Bree and Jessica and the winning team before them, Leigh and Jennifer, also no longer speak. So it seems the curse of MKR has struck again!

Who are the most hated contestants on MKR?

Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay are considered by some to be the most hated contestants in MKR history and now they have turned on each other too.

What did Chloe and Kelly do after MKR?

They were attacked relentlessly on social media for their snide comments and snooty glances during the show, but rose above the scrutiny to start a catering and cooking school together. It’s understood Kelly will continue catering, while Chloe is keen to become a food blogger and writer.

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