What to say at a reunion?

What to say at a reunion?

Tell them where you went and what you saw. You may also tell them your future plans to travel after retirement as well. Consider bringing photographs of your favorite trip to show your classmates, too. Your class reunion may even be an opportunity to arrange a trip with an old flame or former friend as well.

What can you say about family reunion?

Nice Quotes About Family to Share at a Reunion

  • You can’t choose your family, but you can choose to attend the family reunion.
  • Family reunions are the place where you remember where you came from.
  • A family reunion is more than a party.
  • A family reunion is the greatest tradition you could ever start and never end.

How can I impress my high school reunion?

9 Ways To Impress Everyone At Your Next High School Reunion

  1. Walk In With Former Friends.
  2. Embrace The Body You’re In.
  3. Bring Someone New Along.
  4. Be Up-Front.
  5. Be Your Awesome Self.
  6. Talk Yourself Up.
  7. Let Go Of High School Insecurities.
  8. Be Receptive With Those You Talk To.

What makes a good high school reunion?

8 Great Class Reunion Ideas for Reliving the Glory Days

  • 1.) Mail Invitations & Create a Facebook Event.
  • 2.) Get Creative with Yearbook Photos.
  • 3.) Have a Photo Booth with Quirky Props.
  • 5.) Have a Mini Awards Ceremony (& Let Guests Vote!)
  • 6.) Encourage Mingling with Class Reunion Games.
  • 7.) Play Songs from Your Decade.
  • 8.)

What is another word for family gathering?

What is another word for family gathering?

family reunion family event
family party family reunification

What should a welcome address say?

Greeting the Audience. Welcome the audience using serious language for a formal occasion. Pick an appropriate greeting such as, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen.” Then welcome the audience to the event using a phrase such as, “It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to our beautiful venue tonight.”

How do you emcee a high school reunion?

How to Emcee a School Reunion

  1. Know your audience — do your research! Emceeing isn’t warfare, but it’s close.
  2. Set the mood and know your space.
  3. Take a stroll down memory lane, but keep it current.
  4. Vary your lineup and keep things moving.
  5. Don’t be a bully.
  6. Be inclusive.
  7. Practice.

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