What is full form of IFCI?

What is full form of IFCI?

Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)

Where is the head office of Industrial financial Corporation of India?

New Delhi
The head office of the Industrial Finance Corporation of India is in New Delhi.

What is the business of IFCI?

IFCI Ltd is engaged in project financing infrastructure development debt and equity underwriting and syndication venture capital stock broking and merchant banking factoring asset reconstruction tourism finance micro finance corporate and infrastructure advisory technical consultancy and management education.

Where is the regional office of IFCI?

IFCI Location

Location Type Address
Regional Office IFCI Bhawan (4th Floor) Bengaluru – 560002 Karnataka – India Phone : 080-22210882 Fax : 080-22271802 Email : Internet :
Regional Office Chatterjee International Centre, Kolkata – 700071 West Bengal – India Phone : 033-22262672 Fax : 033-22171618 Email : Internet :

What is IFCI function?

The functions of the IFCI base as follows: i) The corporation grants loans and advances to industrial concerns. (ii) Granting of loans both in rupees and foreign currencies. (iii) The corporation underwrites the issue of stocks, bonds, shares etc.

Is IFCI a bank?

We are a Non-Banking Finance Company in the public sector. Established in 1948 as a statutory corporation, IFCI is currently a company listed on BSE and NSE. IFCI manages Six number of subsidiaries and one associate under its fold.

Who is the MD and CEO of IFCI?

Emandi Sankara Rao (Aug 17, 2017–)

What is the Authorised capital of IFCI?

10 crore at the initial stage, According to the Industrial Finance Corporation (Amendment) Act, 1986, the authorised capital of the corporation has been raised from Rs. 100 crore to Rs. 250 crore (the authorised capital may be fixed by the government of India by notification from time to time).

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