How far apart are Picatinny rails?

How far apart are Picatinny rails?

The Picatinny locking slot width is 0.206 in (5.23 mm). The spacing of slot centres is 0.394 in (10.01 mm) and the slot depth is 0.118 in (3.00 mm).

What is the longest Picatinny rail?

LongShot™ manufactures the largest size range of aluminum MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails for the M-LOK mounting system, with lengths from 3-slots (1.600″) to 40-slots (16.154″) long, to maximize the functionality of your weapon.

How long is a 3 slot Picatinny rail?


What are the dimensions of a Picatinny rail?

Picatinny slots are . 206” wide with a center-to-center groove width of . 394”. Picatinny accessories will not fit on a Weaver rail, but Weaver accessories will fit on a Picatinny rail.

Why is it called 1913 Picatinny?

The rail is named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. The Picatinny Arsenal’s role with the rail was to test/evaluate it and to create a military standard for it. This was Mil-STD-1913, dated 3 February 1995.

How long is a 17 slot Picatinny rail?

-17 Slot (7.630″ OAL) M-LOK Compatible Picatinny Rail machined from billet Aircraft Quality Aluminum to Picatinny dimensions.

How big is the M-Lok rail?

approximately 32 mm
Rail specifications The slots on an M-Lok handguard are approximately 32 mm (1.260 in) long and 7 mm (0.276 in) wide and space 8 mm (0.315 in) from each other. The radius of the corners is approximately 2.38 mm (0.094 in).

What does MOA mean on a Picatinny rail?

Minute of Angle
M.O.A. stands for Minute of Angle. 20 M.O.A. or Minutes of Angle is equal to 1/3 of one degree.

Are Picatinny and Weaver rails the same width?

The Picatinny rail has a similar profile to the Weaver, but the recoil groove width of the Picatinny rail is 0.206 in (5.23 mm) versus 0.180 in (4.57 mm) of the Weaver rail/mount , and by contrast with the Weaver, the spacing of the Picatinny recoil groove centers is consistent, at 0.394 in (10.01 mm).

When did Picatinny rails come out?

The Picatinny Arsenal developed a specification for a mounting rail called the MIL-STD-1913 rail, based on some work done by the A.R.M.S company back in the early 1980s. The specification was officially accepted by the US military on February 3rd 1995.

What is Weaver style Mount?

Weaver Style Scope Mounts. The most common scope mounting system is called a Weaver style. These utilize the flat rails with crosswise slots in them that you see on everything from rifles to shotguns to handguns. The Weaver style bases are 7/8 inch wide and accept Weaver style rings.

What is a 1913 rail?

The Picatinny rail (/ˈpɪkətɪni/ or /ˌpɪkəˈtɪni/), or Pic rail for short, also known as a MIL-STD-1913 rail or STANAG 2324 rail, is a military standard rail interface system that provides a mounting platform for firearm accessories. It was originally used for mounting scopes atop the receivers of larger caliber rifles.

What is a Picatinny Mount?

Picatinny rail mount is a standardized mount system used on firearms to allow the user to attach telescopic sights and other accessories. It is a bracket that was originally used to attach telescopic sights but later it was developed further to make it more functional as it allowed people to attach bayonets,…

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