What ever happened to Brad Lidge?

What ever happened to Brad Lidge?

Since Brad Lidge retired back in 2013, he’s kept busy enough. He has a radio show. He’s a special assistant to the Phillies’ front office. He’s best buds with Carlos Ruiz.

Why did Lidge retire?

He’s simply informed his agents, Rex Gary and Jim Turner, that after spending time at home with his family while rehabbing from yet another injury last summer, he’s decided that he wants more family time and less clubhouse time. Lidge, 35, retires with 225 career saves, 37th on baseball’s all-time list.

Is Brad Lidge a Hall of Famer?

Former NYCBLer Brad Lidge has been named to the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Lidge was a star pitcher at Notre Dame where he was Big East Conference Player of the Year in 1998.

When did Brad Lidge play for the Astros?

2012Washington Nationals
2008Philadelphia Phillies
Brad Lidge/Dates joined

What is the meaning of Lidge?

Filters. Obsolete form of ledge. noun.

Who has the most saves in a season?

Single-Season Leaders & Records for Saves

Player (age that year) Saves Year
Francisco Rodriguez (26) 62 2008
Edwin Diaz (24) 57 2018
Bobby Thigpen (26) 57 1990
Eric Gagne (27) 55 2003

Will Chris Carpenter make the Hall of Fame?

Chris Carpenter A Cy Young win and great numbers with the Cardinals helps, and a 144-92 record is nice. Missing most of 2007 and 2008, as well as this year, cost him any hope he may have had; with those three years he may have had a small chance, and his Toronto years did him no favors for the Hall at all.

Has a closer ever won the MVP?

Three relief pitchers have won both the MVP and Cy Young Awards in a single season; Fingers in 1981, Willie Hern├índez in 1984, and Eckersley in 1992….Relievers who have won the Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award.

Year 1981
League American
Player Rollie Fingers
Team Milwaukee Brewers

Who has the most stolen bases in a season?

Single-Season Leaders & Records for Stolen Bases

Rank Player (age that year) Stolen Bases
1. Hugh Nicol (29) 138
2. Rickey Henderson+ (23) 130
3. Arlie Latham (27) 129
4. Lou Brock+ (35) 118

Is Matt Carpenter married?

Mackenzie Carpenterm. 2011
Matt Carpenter/Spouse

Who is the only pitcher to win MVP two years in a row?

Walter Johnson, Carl Hubbell, and Hal Newhouser are the only pitchers who have won multiple times, Newhouser winning consecutively in 1944 and 1945.

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