Is bubinga good for drums?

Is bubinga good for drums?

Bubinga Shells (STAR Drum) Bubinga wood, which TAMA introduced to the market, has become increasingly popular as a drum shell material. Because of their ultra-high density, Bubinga shells provide rich, fat low end as well as deep, dark tones. All the shells are 4.5mm thick, including the bass drums and snare drums.

Is Natal a good drum brand?

Natal has a reputation for offering high-quality drums at extremely competitive prices. This continues with the Originals Series Walnut, available in a range of shell packs to suit all types of drummer, albeit with limited finish options.

What do Bubinga drums sound like?

Bubinga wood characteristically creates a dark tone with solid core sound. It is much harder and heavier than Maple or Birch and beacause of these it has been associated with a high, metalic overtone wich some drummers find difficult to deal with.

What are the 3 toms of the drums called?

3 Parts of a Tom-Tom Drum Tom-toms consist of three main components: the drum shell, the drum heads, and supplemental hardware. Drum shell: A drum shell provides the structure of the tom-tom.

Is bubinga A Rosewood?

Bubinga is often referred to as “African Rosewood” because of its resemblance to Honduras Rosewood. However, unlike Honduras Rosewood, which tends to be narrow and shot, it has wide widths (often averaging 10” or better), and long lengths (up to 20′, usually averaging 12′ or better).

Who plays Natal drums?

Andy Treacey. Ash Soan. Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. Brian Downey.

Where do bubinga trees grow?

Bubinga is a hard and heavy wood that is grown in Cameroon, Gabon and the Ivory Coast of Africa. It would be classified as a tropical hardwood. It is widely available as lumber and veneer in the U.S. market; it is often quite expensive.

Is birch or maple better for drums?

Birch drums sound brighter and punchier than maple, and with more attack they cut through the mix easier. Maple drums sound much warmer and offer more sustain. While birch drums bring out the mid-range, maple is known for its deep bass. Lastly, maple kits tend to cost slightly more than Birch drum sets.

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